Kendrick Lamar Interview

So we had the wonderful privilege to interview talented Hip Hop Artist, Kendrick Lamar coming out of Compton, California. “Section 80” which is the title of his new album is looking to be a great production. Dr. Dre even tagged teamed with this one!


How is the tour going? Different cities. Different Crowds. How does it feel to get that recognition outside of Cali?
It Feels good ,because it takes a lot just  to start buzz in your own back ground let alone in different cities in different states.

The Album “Section 80” How is coming along?
It’s just about done this is definitely going to be Kendrick Lamar times 10.

What has it been like working with Dr. Dre, how much have you learned from him?
It definitely humbles you and makes you better because he is such a hard worker. Even though he has accomplished a lot he never settles, he stays hungry.

If you could do a collab with any non hip-hop artist past or present who would it be and why?
Bob Marley and Sade, I grew up with my parents playing a lot of their music in the house.

What would you tell kids growing up in the inner city who have dreams and  want to find a way to be successful without being sucked into negativity?
Dig deep and find positivity in you. Flood your brain with it. When everything you think about is janky, finding something positive will help keep you balanced.

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