SonReal Interview

I love this artist, he’s Dope!  There’s no other words to explain his rawness! And he’s coming straight out of Canada! Check out the interview we did with him!


What was the first rap song you ever listened to?
Probably Kriss Kross. I was down with those little dudes. I used to wear my cloths backwards and all that when I was like 7.
Tell us about your new music video, Ding Dong? whats the message that you wanted your fans to get from it?I think the main message in that video is you dont have to have something insanely complex or intricate to create something amazing and creative. The main storyline in that video is me just grabbing pizza for my manager/friend Biz. With all the viral videos out right now, I think it was more so an example for dudes just kind of saying like… “look this is how a proper interesting viral video is done, wassup.” (haha)
What do you think sets you apart from other hip hop artists today?
My drive. Im starving for this. This is all I do. And I’m good at what I do. I think I have a completely differnt image then most rappers, not only b/c I’m white. But I dont have tattoos, I dont ever rap about weed, I dont really do love songs, my music just has that raw honesty and heavy substance. I have people tell me all the time I changed their life. Thats everything to me.
If you could share the stage today with any other rapper right now who would it be and why?
Jay-Z because he is the man.
What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your music?
I want to be iconic with this. When they do a huge mural of legendary rappers to come out of Canada in the future I want them to draw me with the backpack on. I want to speak to the world. I want to do shows that scare me. I want to take risks. I want to change the world.
Tell us about your new album, Wheres Waldo? Whats the message behind it? What do you want your listeners to know when they listen to this album?
Wheres Waldo is all about how I’m hard to find in the grand scheme of the entire world. But once you find me. You have found Waldo. You have found that dude. I want listeners to know that every word on that record is true to me, and that it is a painting… it’s my art I have given you for free. I want people to learn something maybe, I want them to feel what I felt writing these songs.
Whats the best advice youve gotten so far?
“If you arent getting hate, your doing something wrong. Dont worry about it” – Byron Wilson
What advice would you give to someone to trying to make it as a rapper today?
Do you. It’s too easy to try and be him. Soon as youre jocking him you lose. Find your pocket… and roll with it.



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