Tony Tig Interview

There’s something about being able to listen to music and just being able to enjoy not only its sound, but also lyrics! That’s hard to find these days but not with conscious rapper Tony Tig aka the Prep Star. See what the buzz is around him.

How is the album process going with “Smiles and Cries?”

It’s great, I feel like this is the album that will catch people off guard and take notice.

Why “Smiles and Cries”?

I remember hearing Ethan Hawke in the movie, Training Day, say life is all about controlling your smiles and cries and that’s true. I wanted my music on this album to reflect that.

Do you think the West can make as huge an impact as 2pac did?

West Coast hip-hop never went anywhere, just the focus shifted elsewhere. Which at the time was needed in my opinion.
There are a lot of talented artists out here, but until we all decide to work together and not just one person
thinking he is the savior of the West we’ll be ok. But just like there is only one Michael Jordan, there is only one 2pac,period.

You started out in Christian Hip-Hop do you feel like you’ve abandoned you’re faith?

Not at all, I just think that being labeled this or that limits you and keeps you in a box. It’s funny how Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kwali, Common
and Mos Def aren’t labeled as Muslim rappers. But in this business if you mention Jesus 3 times you’re a Christian rapper and
in the church if you mention Jesus 3 times you’re not Christian enough. At the end of the day it’s about knowing who you are in your faith and doing something positive to reach people.

Aside from music you’ve done stand up, and tried out for the NBDL(NBA’s developmental League), Ambitious Much?

(laughs) Life is short, I want to do as much as I can and be great at whatever it is I do. My family and friends are my biggest supporters and it helps motivate me. Go hard or go home.

You have a song titled “Not Without My Daughter” describing life as a single father what brought about that song?

Being a Single parent is tough whether you’re a mom or a dad, but sometimes it can be made more difficult then it has to be when you’re dealing with interference. I wanted to be open and honest about the process of what I went through and letting people know being mistreated is no excuse to abandon your responsiblities as a parent.

Any Last Thoughts to your fans.

Thank you for listening and being apart of this journey. I will always give you 100%. follow me @MrTonyTig


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