JC 1

Interview with Young Celebrity News 7/31/12

-Tell us what life with JC see is like. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? What’s your favorite cereal? And who is usually the first person you text?

The first thing I do when I wake up is go downstairs and see if my mom made food. I gotta have my breakfast. My favorite cereal is cookie crisp. I usually text whoever texted me over night, but aside from the phone I tweet my followers first thing!

-So tell us how making videos on YouTube came about and when did you start getting lots of views on your channel?

I used to watch YouTube videos all the time, my favorite YouTubers were Mitchell Davis to Shane Dawson and I thought to myself…I can do this too! Eventually I made my own channel, “Jcwithjelly”. I didn’t start off with a lot views at first until I made my current channel now known as “lifewithJc”.

-Where does your inspiration come from to make such creative videos?

My inspiration really comes from anything and everything around me! For example, I got my inspiration from my ‘Avicii’ video just by walking to class with my headphones in looking down at my shoes.

-Do you have a favorite video that you’ve put on YouTube?

My favorite video would have to be my Call Me Maybe Video, mainly because a lot my friends were involved in it. Not only was being with friends a great factor but the success the video brought with Justin Bieber tweeting it was a great experience with 400,000+ video views.

-You do music, make videos and can act as well. What is your main goal as an entertainer?

My goal is to definitely keep making videos for my viewers as long as I can on YouTube!

-What was your reaction when you found out Justin Bieber tweeted your “Call Me Maybe,” video?

At first I thought someone was playing a joke on me when I saw “Justin tweeted your video” in the video comments…when I went to his twitter though, my jaw instantly dropped. My twitter blew up like never before, it was insane!

Random JC Facts!!

1. **Favorite pair of shoes you like to wear?

Vans! I wear them everywhere.

2. **Favorite Candy?

My favorite candy isn’t well known, but they are called Trolli Eggs. They are so good, you have no idea.

3. **Favorite Song on your iPod?

Currently my favorite song on my iPod is “Time of Your Life” by Kid Ink

-What do people do when they recognize you when you’re out?

I’ve gotten a couple of different reactions. Some girls will follow me around for awhile and be shy to say hi while others scream my name as soon as they see me.

-What’s next for JC Caylen? Are you working on any upcoming projects?

Just sticking to YouTube and embracing every opportunity that comes my way. As for projects, I have a few coming up. I am starting a new collab channel with 5 of my YouTube friends called “Our2ndLife”, which will launch August 13, 2012. Another exciting project I am going to be starring in is a short film called “Press Prey” that will be released mid-September.


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