If only they left Justin Bieber alone!

If only the Paparazzi left Justin Bieber alone, imagine what the world would be like. Hard to imagine because everywhere he goes they go. We get it, you’re just trying to make money but isn’t there any moral bone in your body? The guy is only 19! Give him some space to breathe. I am one that’s not big on the paparazzi, they have too much power they can almost kill you and get hurt in the process and then they’ll make money! What in the world is that! I don’t get it. Anyways, to the details!

The one less lonely girl singer/songwriter was out with his buddy Lil Twist, aka Lil Wayne’s artist. The two were doing what a lot of normal people their age do, go out to the laugh factory to you know, laugh at jokes. Yet afterwards no one was laughing as paparazzi bombarded the superstars with their flashy cameras and lights! I have trouble trying to recover from my own Iphone camera when the flash is on, imagine getting attacked with flashes in your face! Not Fun! As they tried to drive away, one of the photographers got tied up between Justin’s car and a parked car and got injured in the process. Justin drove away to get away from the crazy swarm of photographers, should he have checked to see if they were okay? You be the judge. But with all the paparazzi there I’m sure one of them could have helped him out! Right?



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