Teen entrepreneur Austin Zec, owner of the Caked Supply Co clothing line threw a concert at the Clubhouse in Las Vegas last night. The teen grew up seeing his entrepreneur mother Glynda Rhodes brand her own promoting company called BlackBook702. From there, Austin successfully started his own company and is gaining quite the buzz in Las Vegas, where the teen resides.

The concert which was an all ages event, had two performers set to take the stage for the night. The two artists were Ekoh Hip Hop who is a Las Vegas native and none other than Dizzy Wright who is also from LV. The crowd lined up in packs to get into the show and jam out with these two artists. As the crowd began to fill in by the hundreds, the fans began to anticipate the night. Groups were huddled in the corner practicing their own raps, while others held their place in front of the stage waiting for the performance.

We wanted to ask Ekoh Hip Hop a few questions before he ripped the stage about being an artist in Las Vegas and how hard it is. Check it out below:

How is it performing in Vegas?

I love Vegas! The scene is hard because there’s no all age venues. It’s nice to be at an all ages event, haven’t been to one in a minute but I love my town man, my town supports me.

A lot of people suggest artists move to Los Angeles to do music. Do you have plans to move or just hold it down out here in Vegas?

I figured if you can make enough buzz here you can make buzz anywhere. But Vegas is tough people have so much information thrown at them at one time. Vegas isn’t used to rallying behind someone or any cause. Anyone that blows up out of Vegas leaves and comes back. And then they have that big following. It’s hard to gain it before you actually blow up.

When did you start doing hip hop?

I’ve been doing this for about 8 years. I was writing a long time before I started actually putting it on tracks. Then there was the learning process of recording, finding your voice. Seemed so easy in the beginning but there’s a lot to it.

Influences today?

If you’re a white boy in hip hop you have to look up to Macklemore. The whole funk volume is great too. I’ve always been a huge fan Tech n9ne. I just really like every aspect of hip hop.

Tell us about your fans?

I seriously have hardcore fans. We have this movement called heart hop and people seriously get tattoos, they show up to shows, we have street teams in other cities, other states, telling venues to book this guy. I love my fans! I mean you’re only as good as your fan base is. So I spend a lot of my time trying to give back to my fans because they spend so much time giving back to me.

Do you ever see yourself getting signed or do you wanna stay independent?

I don’t limit myself to anything. If a label comes at me with a great deal I’ll take it. The whole thing as an artist what you’re concerned with is creative control. If they’re trying to take that then no but if the deal is right ya!

After talking to Young Celebrity News, Ekoh got ready to take the stage and got the crowd hyped immediately. The crowd began bouncing with Ekoh and throwing their hands in the air to every song. How lyrical he was really impressed the crowd as many fans screamed, “Ohh” when he said some of the lines to his songs. His creative ability to switch up the flow from rapping slow to fast was really amazing and showed how talented the artist was. During the middle of his set, he brought up his friend another rapper, Chemist. At the end of his performance, Ekoh gave away CDs, wristbands and t-shirts which fans began to crowd the stage trying to get a CD.

As Ekoh left the stage, fans looked around in anticipation for Dizzy. People began pointing upstairs asking their friends if he was up there. Around 1015 Dizzy entered the building waving to the crowd as he walked upstairs to check the sound. The entire venue went crazy and began screaming, “Dizzy.” After the sound check was ready for Dizzy to take the Mic he went downstairs and headed to the stage. The venue all echoed, “Dizzy, Dizzy,” as he began to shake people’s hands in the front before starting. As soon as he started rapping, the fans became to rap along with him. In between songs he would interact with the fans and everyone had a great time. During one of his last songs he threw himself to the crowd and his fans caught him, holding him up as he continued rapping. After performing his set, he told his fans who he refers to as his family to meet him in the back to take pictures. The crowd immediately followed his exist. We asked Dizzy how it felt to be back in his hometown having the chance to perform. “It was great, the crowd was great the people were great, it smelled great in there, it was great to be back.”

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