We Will Never Forget What Happened on 9/11

We remember the day. We remember where we were. We remember calling loved ones. We remember. As I sat in the car on that Tuesday morning, my mom stopped at Mcdonalds to get us food before heading to school. I had a late start that day which meant school started later than usual. I remember listening to the radio station and Steve Harvey was on the air talking about what happened. My mom didn’t believe him, she said he’s just joking he’s a comedian. But there something about his tone of voice that made me believe otherwise. We went home because I still had time before going to school and there on the news, the most horrific thing possible. As a fourteen year old, I had no idea of the magnitude which had happened. It seemed like something of that nature would only happen in the movies but not in real life. Yet it was more than real. It was and will forever be a time in history that NO ONE will ever forget. I proceeded to go to school and everyone seemed low. I go to my band class and I see my good friend at the time, Mallory. Mallory was always so upbeat but not this day. She seemed shaken. I asked her was everything alright. She told me, “My mom was supposed to be on that plane, but she called in sick.” Not knowing that that called determined whether she would live or die still shakes me up today.  My heart almost stopped. The event just became that much more real.  Not everyone was able to that fate for their lives and it’s sad to think about all the people who lost loved ones on that plane. Saying goodbye to someone you truly love not knowing that would be the last day you would ever see them. Love while you still can. Forgive the people who hurt you because you never know when it’ll be the last time you see them.




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