Sir Mix A Lot told us he liked “big butts and he could not lie,” but could he handle bootylicious Sarah Massey? While many women today continue on their fad diets hoping to get that perfect model figure, Sarah is proud of her body and believes she holds the record for the world’s biggest butt. The measurement of her bottom is 7ft! And the father of her children, devoted husband, loved her on sight. “That’s a whole lot of woman,” he told in the interview below. But if you think being a big booty diva is all glamorous you’re wrong. Sarah faces many daily challenges that the average women doesn’t have to face. Including moving around in her own home, buckling her seatbelt in the car and having to deal with the constant tease her two boys get at school for her body.

And though friends and family would like her to lose a few pounds one thing they hope she doesn’t loose is her outgoing personality. Perhaps Sarah can teach us all a lesson on how to be comfortable in our own skin.


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