George Zimmerman Ready To Get Ultimate Butt Whooping

For most people who are celebrities they have been awarded this position by selling hot records, acting in amazing movies, writing prestigious novels but not George Zimmerman. In fact, the only reason the world knows George because he was involved in a national case involving the killing of teenager Trayvon Martin.

George Zimmerman, the Florida native that was found NOT GUILTY of all counts after killing teenage Trayvon Martin upon the “Stand Your Ground,” law is now back in the hot seat. This time he is volunteering getting a butt whooping in a Celebrity Boxing Match. And he said he’ll fight anyone including…..(wait for it)……..dun dun dun BLACK PEOPLE! We’ve added our own lineup to see who George should fight. But who would you like to see fight good ol’ George? 

The Rock

The Rock is a force NOT to be reckon with. We’re sure he’d have Zimmerman smell what the Rock was cooking that night!



Deebo’s been looking for a new fight every since Craig whooped on him in front of the neighborhood. We’re sure Smokey  and the crew would all be there rooting for Deebo that day. 



Jafar has been looking for a way to have supreme rule of the world again. He always has good tricks up his sleeves right?


Manny is always looking for a good challenge. Maybe after beating up on Zimmerman Mayweather might give him a a chance in the ring.


Well the Game surely thinks he could give him the ol’ street whooping that so many people have been wanting to give him. Well see how this thing pans out! Hope the ambulance is ready to rush Zimmerman in the hospital. #YIKES





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