Sending Professional Emails to Music Industry Connects

Sending Professional Emails

by Lisa W.

Part two of why no one takes you serious as an artist. This isn’t meant to be harsh but more direct and to the point. It’s been some years since I’ve been in school but I was taught in school how to send a professional email to my teachers and professors. It started with saying, “Dear,” or “Hi,” or what’s most appropriate if you don’t know the person’s name, “To whom it may concern,” following the message. These small details is what separates you as a professional versus someone who is very amateurish in the music industry and it’s just INCREDIBLY easy to tell. It shows you haven’t worked with many professionals at all. You can fool people online but not people who have worked in the industry. It’s how you present yourself and carry yourself as an artist that people look at. So I’ll give you two examples of what not to do as well as what to do:

1) Bad Example

Whats good here’s the newest video of JO-DIZZLE. This is hot man a straight banger. Like forreals you should sign me after watching this. Here’s the link below.

a) There was no introduction from this person. Why should this person listen to your music? Remember sending an email is different than texting your homies or friends on your phone. I wouldn’t even dare watch that video. I would delete the email!

2) Good Example

To whom it may concern,

My name is JO-DIZZLE, I am a hip hop artist from the Bay Area that just released my debut music video, “It’s A Hard Life.” It’s the first released single from my upcoming album, “I AM Me,” which releases May 30th. Below is the link for your viewing along with my artist bio. Thank you for taking the time to view my music.






Always put where they can contact you and always include your music.  Now it’s your turn.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown


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