A Budget Separates You From The Rest

A Budget Separates You From The Rest! 

by Lisa W. 


The days when a manager of a music company solely based picking an artist off their talent is gone. Does that mean they don’t look for talent? Not necessarily. However, let’s not kid ourselves, in this economy people are looking to where the money is. The development of an artist is just not there like it used to be. Say you are an A&R, and you see two people online, one is extremely talented, can play every instrument, has an amazing voice, yet doesn’t have a buzz at all. Besides his family and few friends, nobody knows this person even exists. However, you decide to see, to give this person a chance and look them up. The only thing that you find on them is a Facebook fan page and YouTube Channel where you can find their music. YouTube is great, but where can you find their professional recordings? Where can you track their shows?  Where is their website? Their EPK?

On the other hand, you find a singer or artist that has tons of views on their YouTube videos. Their singing is less than average but when you look them up they have their website, fans on social networks, and you could see they are actively on their pages interacting with people. So you do a little more research and see them being featured on other sites as well. On their website you can see that their music has been featured on different blogs, they have press write ups about them and interviews. They have professional head shots and even though they don’t have the best voice, they spend money to get everything recorded in a studio, (even a home studio would suffice). They have truly invested in themselves and it’s quite easy to tell. 

So what is the difference between the two artists? Their budget. Now, there are a million   artists trying to make it today that are doing the same exact thing you are doing. They have a soundcloud, they have a twitter, they have a YouTube page and Instagram. There are GREAT artists out there, and not so great artists out there. To the industry, you both are in the same category. Now, if an artist isn’t great they won’t last long in the industry and the big guys at the top know that. Yet, they will still make millions off of you for a couple of years, if they see that you have gathered a big enough following, it’s still a win-win situation for them. Developing yourself not only takes time, but in today’s industry it takes money. 

Where should your budget be going?

  1. Your music. First and foremost your music. Please, Please, I beg of you, invest in your music! If your music doesn’t have good quality it can’t even be played on the radio. 
  2. A website. In today’s world a simple website can set you apart from others. Check out some artists that have websites, what they have on them, what they talk about. 
  3. Promo Pictures. You need photos. You can’t be featured in anyone’s magazine or blog and not have promo pictures to send them. Even if you’re new to this industry, you don’t have to let people know by your rookie mistakes. 
  4. Marketing! There are a lot of promo packages out there where people will really push your music. The more people you have talking about you the better! If you’re not willing to put money in this then you’ll never get out there. You need to spend money on Marketing if you want to get out there you can’t hide that. 
  5. ASCAP or BMI? It’s good to sign up for a company that will protect your music. If not, any artists can find your music and steal it if they wanted to. It’s really that simple. Protect yourself. 
  6. Visual. Get a music video out there where people can see your music come alive. This will also show your creative side. 
  7. Lastly, invest in positivity. Make sure you are always positive and let the negative remarks and comments roll off your back. You must develop a tough skin in this industry. 

There are WAY more things to invest in, make sure you are researching what you think would be best for you to get your name out there in today’s rough industry. 


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