When To Put Out An Album

When To Put Out An Album

by Young Celebrity News


You completed your tracks. The production cost you a ton. The album itself took close to a year to complete. You’re ready to release it on ITunes. Well are you? Not so fast. Are you quite ready to release your album? Do you want to make a few dollars from your album or make real money? There’s tons of artists out there that throw out their albums on ITunes, maybe have three or four up but sometimes I wonder why? As an independent artist who is actively performing it’s absolutely essential to have CDs, an album, EP that you can sell and make money from. And frankly you shouldn’t even be performing with nothing to give new listeners a chance to continue to connect with you. Now if you’re an independent artist that is not performing and throwing out an album you worked your butt off in hopes lots people will buy it, then good luck. I say good luck because that’s just not a smart move to make.


So what  should you prepare for when coming out with your album?


1) Contacts. You should have a list of contacts of blogs, industry connects, family, friends that you can email personally and send them the info to your album. It should be professional and sent in a press release. If you have no idea what a press release is or how to write one then you need to look that up ASAP. Too many artists are sending unprofessional emails as if they never passed the third grade. Let’s try and practice professionalism a little bit.


2) Who are you marketing your music to? Who is your audience? You need to actively go after an audience that resonates with your music and sound. Find your crowd and run with it.


3) Do you have any singles out that you’ve been pushing and promoting before dropping the album? Have you dropped a visual (music video) of your craft.


These are only three things the list goes on but it’s up to each individual to determine that for themselves. See in entertainment across the board, it helps if people are talking about you. You want blogs to feature you because it’s going to be a domino effect, other blogs will catch on. If no one is talking about you, it’s safe to say no one knows who you are, and if no one knows who you are, creating an album that is going to cost $10 that only a select few of your friends are going to buy probably isn’t the best road to take just yet. Be patient. But hey, like the saying goes, “There’s no one way to success.” But there are steps to help people prepare to be successful. Take the right steps.


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