You’re Not Ready To Dive In The Industry

Elgin Music

You’re Not Ready To Dive In The Industry

by Young Celebrity News

You made a few songs on soundcloud and your friends really dig it. But are you really ready to dive in the industry? Let’s see.

1) Do I have money saved up for a budget? If you don’t know why it’s important to have a budget read our previous article here.
2) Is anyone talking about you? Blogs, Magazines, your own fans that are consistent?
3) Have you been performing, practiced your stage presence, actively booking gigs to perform?
4) Do you have quality sounding music that’s been mixed and mastered in order to send out to different stations that could play your music to help you get out there?
5) Do you have a music video at all? Any visuals where your art can come alive?
6) Do you have any quality photos that can be featured in magazines and blogs when they do write ups about you?
7) Do you have an artist bio and EPK?
8) Do you have a website?
9) Are you saving money to get these things done?
10) Are you willing to invest to make yourself known?
Now, we know these things take time. Yet it’s funny, that so many artists today come to us asking for help when they themselves have not taken the time to really invest in their product. Who will want to invest in you if you yourself don’t invest in your own product first? Making music is GREAT. But if you have no real plan or marketing plan to really get your name out there, you probably should find a real job and continue doing music as a hobby. Because this isn’t a career you’re ready for.

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