How to Gain Fans Online Vs How to Annoy People Online

How to Gain Fans Vs How to Annoy People


Gaining fans is the key to your success. Without fans, who will hear your music? How will you get out there? There is a saying, “You’re only as big as your fans take you,” and to some degree that’s true. Where would Beyonce be without her million of followers? Or Justin Bieber? There’s tons of articles that tell you to get your buzz up before the industry takes notice of you but what does that really look like. Here’s a couple of practicals you should take into consideration when trying to create new fans.

Social Media


We all know how fast things can spread with social media. Gaining fans on twitter seems simple. “I’ll just keep sharing my songs to people using the @ symbol in hopes they take a listen.” Actually that’s quite annoying. And if you do it too many times, Twitter will hit you up for spam and you’ll be at risk for getting your account shut down. There’s lot of people on twitter, actually millions. Start interacting with them. When you read a tweet of someone respond with something that can relate or add to the conversation. Building is key. Once you have built that relationship with them. It will be easy for you to DM your new relationship with your new song.


Be creative! Think of ways people will want to start liking your photos. Start taking photographs of interesting things. Doing funny videos. Covers of songs. Get noticed.


Come up with consistent times you release new videos. Be creative. Think of something funny. Gaining fans doesn’t just mean they like you because of your music. The more you have going on the more chances you have to be seen.  Obviously there’s more, Facebook, Tumblr, etc…BUT that’s for you to think of and get creative. Spamming your music directly to people is what gets you blocked and unfollowed. Be wise when trying to gain fans.


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