Marshall Dane


Tell us about when you first got involved with music?

Marshall Dane: I got my first gig at age 15. The local café wanted an artist to perform every Friday and Saturday evenings..but couldn’t pay the going wage of $100 to the guy from Honey Moon Suite, so he offered me the gig for $35 and a piece of cheesecake…I accepted and have been on a musical pursuit ever since.

How important did music play in your life growing up?

MD: It was my family’s way of communicating. My father brought his guitar to all our church and family gatherings….my mother would play the piano at church and as we’d fall asleep at night.

Who are some of your musical influences past or present?

MD: Besides my parents and grandparents…. Johnny Denver, Kenny Rogers, Jon Bon Jovi

Why country music?

Wholesome, honest, values:)

Tell us about your current video “Alcohol Abuse,” and how that concept came about?

The video was our biggest undertaking to date. Definitely worth making this step forward. We were helped by fans, friends, and family to make this vid, and it turned out awesome and fun fun fun! Amazing how you take 13 hours of filming and mash it into 3.5 minutes:) It was a collaboration between myself, Kevin (drums) and our friend Chavez.

Tell us about your writing process, as an artist?

I’ve always written poetry…even as a kid. As something happened in my life, I would sit down and write about it. Throughout the process of become a ‘professional’ songwriter/performer you tend to pay attention to the ‘process’ a little too much…formatting your song to fit a mold…whether you mean to or not…so the challenge and the goal, is to always be as honest and sincere as possible…show the listener the truth of the matter, and you will inevitably connect.

What was your most embarrassing moment on stage so far?

Being told by an audience member that my fly was undone….and I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

What are you currently working on that you can update your fans on?

This interview:) Follow along at Writing trips, tours, recording new songs….it’s all there!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years as an artist?

Making another album and continuing what I’m doing:)!


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