Jiggley Jones is an Americana/Alt Country singer/songwriter. His debut independent record was an EP titled “No Spring Chicken” and my latest EP, “…a mountain, a struggle, a tunnel, a light …” was put out by Lamon Records Nashville. Both EP’s are available on all the usual online digital music sites.

When did your journey with music start? And what made you want to pursue it?

I think anyone who pursues anything in a way that becomes “who they are” is doing it because of a deep passion for it. I got sort of a late start in music when I was in my late teens as a bass player but always loved and listened to music throughout my childhood.

Who are some of your musical influences today?

I go back to my roots with Neil Young, James Taylor, The Eagles, etc…

What excites you about being an artist?

The creative process. It’s when you get to bring your inner self out in the open for everyone to hear. I love the songwriting side because the reward for a finished song that you feel is strong is so much more satisfying then all the other aspects of the adventure.

How do you continue to progress as an artist to grow?

Everyday you absorb the world around you and grow as a person and the same goes for being an artist. It’s like wisdom from an artistic standpoint.

What do you think is the difference between today’s music world versus the past?

Today’s music world sadly seems to be more obsessed with the “performance” and less concerned about the “creation.” I think with reality shows like American Idol and The Voice music listeners tend to think that the voice sells the song instead of the other way around.

What are you currently working on that you can update your fans with?

I’m getting ready to go into a winter hibernation of sorts, which I’m looking forward to, where I’ll begin the writing process for what will hopefully be my next release down the road. I’m looking to do a full 10-12 song record this time and that kind of thing takes time to prepare and get right. In the mean time and throughout I will be promoting my current Lamon Records Nashville EP, “A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light.”

Tell us some of your success stories you’ve had during your musical journey?

I’ve won a few awards and been nominated for a few others, which is a great feeling because the music industry is paying attention. I’ve played some really cool events such as the CMA Festival down in Nashville the last two years. I’ve gotten a song released for karaoke, airplay all over the world and some awesome interviews such as this one and many, many more. The list goes on.

What type of impact or legacy do you want to leave with your music?

I would love for music listeners who truly have that passion for creative art to recognize me as a valid songwriter who had his own place and created something worth listening to way more then just once.


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