45trona Ut (pronounced “Astrona ut”) is a classically conservatory trained musician with a passion for dance, trance, electronica and funk. Funkspatial is an album that combines elements of French-Touch dance,house, trance and electronica made by DJ/producer 45trona UT. This party-heavy programmatic work centers on a journey through space and time. Check out his interview below!





When did you get into Dj-ing? How old were you?
A: I got into DJ-ing at a very early age. This happened after I got introduced to a vinyl turntable by a relative of mine. I was approximately 9 years old.

How did you learn?
A: I mostly learned by myself through lots of experimenting. However, I have spent most of my musical life inside of a conservatory. This gave me the tools to learn the basics of music making, which I applied into DJ-ing and producing music. After all, I’ve always looked at DJ equipment just as another instrument like a violin or guitar.

When you listen to music what goes in your mind? Are you already thinking of ways to dissect the song?
A: Yes, all the time. The first thing I listen in a song is the level of craftsmanship and overall musical knowledge. Then I try to dissect the song layer by layer, from the bass line to the underlying harmonic material. I do this for every genre of music I listen, which helps me to tell the level of thought the composer, songwriter or producer applied to his work.

Tell us about your new album Funkspatial and what you think about the end result?
A: Funkspatial is inspired by funk, dance, house and the French-Touch style; all combined to make an electronic music album. I made this album purposely with the intention to get the listener’s mind flowing with ideas and emotions. I wrote Funskpatial in such a way, where each track helps to develop and follow an underlying storyline. I have always disliked poorly written music in our modern pop culture, where every track of an album sounds the same (as if one song was arranged differently to fit the need for an entire album release). Funkspatial can be a bit eclectic, since I wanted each song to be a world of its own, combined with a feel of 90’s music. I’m very pleased with the end results for this album, since it shows my overall music style and thoughts.

What do you want your fans to get from listening to this album?
A: I would like for my fans to truly enjoy and have fun with this album. But, I also want to create a higher listening and thought awareness. For example, one of my tracks titled “Planet JSB” was inspired by the Bourees I&II from the Cello Suite N.4 by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Tell us about the process that went into making this album?
A: After many years of solitude in deep space, I spend countless hours inside of my ship trying to create a new way of encoding my thoughts in the form of music. Funkspatial is the result of many hours of experimentation, solitude and inspiration.

Who are some of your influences today when it comes to music?
A: I listen to just about anything that is well written and moves me internally. Anywhere from Bach, Mozart, Dvorak to James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Daft Punk, Justice and Tiesto.

What are your dreams/goals for the future in your career?
A: Regarding my career, I just want to be able to continue making more music and for people to enjoy it. For everything else, is up to the Universe to decide.

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