Album/Single Reviews


TITLE: “All,You,I” (3:52)

Artist: Jon Jonsson

​Review by: Lisa Wilson

Not since Stevie Wonder have I heard such lyrics! ‘All, You, I’ really touches your heart. If you’re a fan of Jon Jonsson, you don’t wish for, but expect to hear a beautifully arranged song with meaningful lyrics. I’m happy to report “All, You, I,” continues this reputation. What I absolutely love about this song is how pure of a love song it is. “Today I feel a bit under the weather but it cheers me up to picture us together,” is the opening line in the first verse. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song was being played in weddings across the world today. Jon paints such a clear picture what the meaning of “Love” is with this track.
I love the passion that you can hear from the opening notes as Jon begins to sing. From the very beginning you can tell there is a message he’s trying to get across by the way he begins the song. His energy makes what he is saying become very real for the listener and also makes us listeners very curious of whom he is talking about. His tone continues with the same rhythmic flow throughout the song. Yet right before the second chorus he begins to show off his vocal range as he goes a few octaves higher, seconds before he transitions into the bridge. As the song begins to come to an end and the music starts to fade, Jon finishes out with a smooth run to end the track. I can’t wait to hear more from this artist!


Title: “Shut Up and Listen” (2:41)

Artist: Tony Tig

Review by: Lisa Wilson

Tony Tig is just a YouTube view away from being discovered. What’s highly impressive of this up and coming hip hop artist is his versatility. “Shut up and Listen,” definitely shows off Tig’s skills when it comes to wordplay and how he has the ability to tell a story and do so speaking metaphorically. Not too many artists today are taking the chance or risk to be different in their music. Yet, with Tig, his lyrics are revolutionary and mind changing. Just hearing his lyrics, “I do this for the underdog. I do this for my daughter, not to be compared to Pac, Big, or Sean Carter. I rather be compared to Malcolm X or Dr. King, time to put the kids to bed and just let the world dream, yes.” Those lyrics bring a sense to comfort to his listeners, and something that hip hop hasn’t experienced in a long time. Hip Hop is a form of art through expression. It once painted stories and shared ideas. This is definitely bring that back.

​   The choice of production for this track really helps magnify Tig’s style. There’s comes a point in the song that I really love when the breakdown happens and Tig goes off with no stopping in breath in between. The sound is really refreshing and something that you can groove to in the car repeatedly.  What I love most about Tig though is the realness that he portrays in his music. Whether he talks about the passing of his Father or the mentioning of his daughter in the song, you get to know the real Tig through his music.


Artist: Kcane Markco

Title: You Didn’t Wanna Be Hater

Time: 4:08

 Kcane Markco shows off his lyrical flow in his song, “You Didn’t Wanna Be Hater.”  Kcane definitely shows off his versatility as he begins describing who he is as an artist by switching up his flow from fast to slow speed in the opening lines of his song. Not too many artists today have that ability to switch up their rap which makes me strongly believe that Kcane definitely is on his way to something great.  Along with that, Kcane, uses many punch lines throughout the song showing off his writing skills.

As far as the song goes, this concept is by far one of the most catchiest songs I’ve heard in a while, with a “Started from the bottom now we’re here,” type of pull of audiences. When the radio waves take a hold of this, they won’t be able to stop playing it and people today won’t stop saying it to each other. “You didn’t wanna be a hater but I made you one,” is a pure genius line and as we move into a generation where we see so many people, disliking or, “hating” on each other, I think this song is going to explode. Which makes me believe we’re going to see a lot more Kcane in the future because I’m sure he has other songs waiting to drop.


Artist: Junior Turner

Title: Better Day

Time: 4:40

Junior Turner releases a smooth love track titled, “Better Day.”  The lyrics portray an innocent guy trying to get the girl of his dreams. However he is shy in approaching her. The beat is perfect in its simplicity and really helps you focus in on Junior Turner’s voice and lyrics altogether.  When I listen to a song, the lyrics are usually the first thing that grabs my attention but in this song, the catchy sound of the beat pulled me in from the start.

When I first heard Better Day, it reminded me of R.Kelly’s “Step In the Name of Love,” in the sense that I could imagine this song being played wherever good music is on and people are dancing. Even the rap featured on this song was appropriate and blended in well with the track by not being overdone. Junior Turner has that voice that you just want to listen to all day, while driving in your car, tidying up the house, or doing any activity.




TIME: 4:11

Noel DeLisle produces such a genuine track on his latest song, “Hey You, Carolina.”  You can really hear the sincerity in his lyrics about what Carolina meant to him in his life. Noel does a great job at pulling in his audience and fans from the very beginning by painting a great picture of the story that he’s telling you. “I thought our love was perfect…so I got down on one knee,” are such raw and real lyrics that helps his listeners not only feel what Noel is saying but probably can relate in a lot of ways of how a love for someone can go sour. I’m a huge believer that the best songs come from real life experiences and I would put all the chips in to say that this song is probably 100 percent factual for Noel. Diving more into the lyrics, what’s great about this track is that Noel doesn’t hold back in this song but really gives specific examples about his life. Such honesty and humility bleeds through Hey You, Carolina. “You didn’t want to settle for a guy as poor as me, cuz you were too dang shallow to recognize my love ain’t free.” 

     If all of Noel’s songs portray such depthness to his lyrics, there’s no doubt that he will go far because people want to not only know about someone’s life but be able to relate to it at some level as well. So on your next road trip where you want to blast the stereo to its loudest capacity, make sure Hey You, Carolina is in your music rotation.


Artist: Junior Turner

Title: Natural and Nice

Junior Turner does it again with his latest track, “Natural & Nice.” The opening of this song brings so much energy with the brightness from the horns being played. I love that old school funk sound that I hear in his music. The only other artist that I really hear using this type of sound right now is Michael Buble. This is the type of track that has everyone on the dance floor just having a great time.

What I love about Junior’s lyrics so much is the simplicity that he uses. He always gets straight to the point in his songs and provides you with so much clarity. You really feel like you’re able to capture who he is really as a person rather than just an artist. ” I don’t look for pretty girls with makeup on their face, and I don’t care for sexy girls in leather or lace, I just let them walk on by don’t need to look twice, all that I am looking for is natural and nice.” This song portrays a guy that looks past the surface of women and looks for something deeper. A great overall message and it will definitely have both men and women ponder in their minds what they look for in their mate. Junior Turner definitely has a future ahead of him and I can see him lasting long in the music industry with people singing his songs for years to come.


Artist: Junior Turner

Title: Hurricane

    Junior Turners continues to knock em’ out of the park with every track and his new song Hurricane is a grand slam. In the last couple of tracks Junior has released, both love songs gave off a vibe of wanting to boogie down and dance to the entire song. Yet, Hurricane releases a different aura in the air. The opening music makes you feel a certain type of emotion in which you can hear the strings in the background and guitar being the main instrument. The music continues to build throughout the song and I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard it in a movie.

      It’s definitely inspiring with just the music itself but the lyrics that  Junior adds really gives you that mindset that you can do anything and push through any situation. “There’s always somebody that really wants to make you fall, but you can rise above, rise above it all, don’t listen to the lies that try and make you feel so small.” It’s refreshing to hear any song by Junior because he really takes time in his lyrics in what he’s portraying to the audience and there’s a clear message in every song he does. Can’t wait to hear more from this artist. Check out his new track below!



Artist – Junior Turner
Single Title – Its Christmas Time (So let’s celebrate)
Release Dat- 2nd December 2013
Availability – iTunes, Amazon & Spotify

Junior’s major breakthrough came in 2011 when he penned a track called “Say Goodbye” and released it to radio for airplay.
In due course he received a phone call from war veteran’s charity “Help for Heroes” co founder Bryn Parry asking if they could use this song for their charity. In April 2011 Junior Turner released Say Goodbye in support of Help for Heroes.

Now, Junior releases his first Christmas track for the year, “It’s Christmas Time,” and really puts you in the mood for the holidays. This track brings a lot of funk with loud drums, trumpets, bells and lots of horns that will get you ready to bring out the ornaments for the Christmas tree. While most Christmas songs can be drawn out and rather slow, I imagine this song full of energy, being played at all the Christmas parties this year for people to dance to. “It’s Christmas Time,” is not just another Christmas track, but this is a hit song that will last for years to come once it gets the proper radio play it deserves. It definitely can be put in the category of top Christmas hits such as “One Day At Christmas,” by Stevie Wonder and even “This Christmas.” I really enjoyed listening to this song, and it’s definitely a song that can be stuck on repeat for quite some time. When we think of crooners, Michael Buble is one of the first artists that comes to mind, but it’s only a matter of time before Junior becomes a household name in the music industry.


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