Astro DBLL Front Cover
It was our pleasure to interview ASTRO in our last April Issue! Check out the interview here! 😀

We know you did your thing on Xfactor! What’s one thing that you learned about yourself that you never knew before going on that show?

That I could get “Brooklyn” unintentionally. Lol

How did you get the name the Astronomical Kid?

I was writing a song, and looking in the Dic- tionary, I didn’t have an official name at the time, so when I seen the word Astronomical, I was Like THIS IS PERFECT and just ran with it.

When did you start getting into rapping and writing rhymes?

When I was young, like 3, that’s when I start- ed to really love rap, but I didn’t start taking it seriously until I was like 9 years old.

Clearly from your music, you really set apart from other hip-hop artists your age today? How do you continue to stay true to who you are and not be who people want you to be?

That’s the art of hip-hop, being you. That’s what made 2pac, 2pac. He did him and didn’t try to “APPEAL” to anyone. My Job is to create music, if you can relate, you can relate. 

Tell us about your newest mixtape that came out, “Deadbeat and Lazy Lyrics,” and what you wanted your fans to get from listening to it?

Well I wanted to bring the hip hop vibe back into peoples ears and just supply my supporters with more music. My sound transformed completely from my old stuff, so I know it caught people off guard. It’s whatever though, lol, it got the response I wanted it to.

What new projects are you working on right now?

Another mixtape, then maybe an album. My goal is to just put out more music in general. But other than music, I’m doing movies, currently shooting something with Liam Neeson and just finished shooting an- other movie I can’t speak about right now. But they might hit theaters at the same time. Lol

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten while being in the industry? And what advice can you give to up and coming young artists today?

Best advice I’ve gotten, “Never let me see you sweat”. And to all the cats coming up, DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. Don’t let anyone around you control
your art. Be open minded, but don’t let anybody try to change
what you love into what they love.

FOLLOW ASTRO’S JOURNEY: Twitter: @AstronomicalKid


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