Ayy Brooks




Loving your flow how long have you been rapping for?

I have been writing and creating my music for about five years now.

How do you feel about the other competition out there? Does it keep you more hungry seeing artists out today?

Hungry is a good word to describe how I feel about my competition. I feel my competition is a good reason to keep myself on edge, and to keep busy. There is always a plate to eat off of somewhere, but my intentions are not that. I plan to make my own plate.
What’s the best thing you enjoy about being an artist? What’s the most challenging part?

The best thing about being an artist is that literally every time I make something, I set myself up to fail. It’s honestly the beauty of the craft. Failure is not a reason to give up, it’s a reason to get better. I take every loss I get and transform it into a new goal. With those goals I make my better judgement and choose my outcome. Sometimes at the end of the doubt, or at the end of the goal, I fail to meet the deadline… These goals I made up in my head, are mine, and whether I fail or succeed is my business. It is all for the growth of the craft. My art is in top shape in simplest form.

I feel like everyone has a central theme in their music what’s your “theme” and what do you want people to hear when listening to you?

My central theme would most likely be the youth in our lives. All people have dreams, and goals to aspire, but I feel these days, the young people are the ones going out to get it. I am not biased towards older people I just believe the young people have more right than anyone to go make something of themselves. I want people to hear the truth, and the youth in my projects. I want my music to speak for itself in the sense that we all have the capability to achieve what we want. I am living proof.
Tell us about your EP coming out? And the process of making it?

Wow, umm this project has really been the talk lately. I’d love to tell you all about it. I have been working on this one project for about a year and some change. This project is infused with inspiring words, dope music, and incredibly true originality. The process of making it has been quite the task, however a great challenge none the less. If there was ever a point in my career where I drop a game changer, I feel this is the one.

Why hip hop?

Hip-hop is a very young genre of music, and probably one of the fast growing. I chose to get into hip-hop because of the amount of talent inside of the industry. There is all sorts of talent, but more importantly now, hip-hop has icons that we look to or listen to for stability in our every day lives. This genre of music is a perfect opportunity for me to unleash the beast, and be independent.

How do you want to be known in this industry?

I want to be known as revolutionary, as I am in the middle of evolving as an artist. I want people to be able to see me as I see myself; real.

What’s next for Ayy Brooks?

That is a question that you will have to find out for yourself. Be on a look out for week to week video updates, and new music videos. My team and I are being noticed and recognized for our work, and I plan to make one thing certain for sure. I won’t stop.


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