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When did you first fall in love with hip hop music? And what made you start pursuing music?
Well growing up I have always been around the hip hop culture. in the neighborhood I grew up in, family members and neighbors would always have some kind of hip hop artist playing, usually west coast, as well as lots of other genres. But I have always been fond of rap music and what it has to offer. So its very hard to say a specific time when I fell in love with hip hop music, if I had to answer, I would say I have been in love all my life.  Really looking up to all these hip hop artists and seeing how cool they were and how awesome their music sounded was really what made me want to pursue music.  With the love and passion I had from just listening to the music, it made me want to become a part of it, and I just happened to never give up no matter the obstacle.
Who are some of your musical influences today?
I have so many that if I really had to answer it, we would need a whole magazine worth.  But off the top of my head I would have to say Biggie, Nas, Tupac, Dr.Dre, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, Kanye, and most of all, my biggest influence would have to be Eminem. Every album of his is amazing to me and is a piece of gold in my opinion.  However, as much as I can talk about all these artists that are usually said, I am also a young upcoming artist who is easily influenced from the new era of hip hop. from artists like J. Cole, Hopsin, Tyler, the Creator, G-Eazy, Drake, Childish Gambino, Joey Bada$$, Isaiah Rashad, Schoolboy Q, Mac Miller and most of all my biggest influence of the new generation is easily Kendrick Lamar. Who is my favorite just as much as Eminem.  But like I said, there are so many artists from the past and present that inspire me, and its impossible to name them all.
Who are some of your biggest supporters that help you get through the hard times in your music career?
Well my number one supporter most of all would have to be my mother.  She does prefer I focus and care more about school but she will never stop supporting my dream. At the same time, I have this music group that I work with named D.A.M (Deep Attitude Mentality). We are barely coming up and I have definitely been working and devoted on music before I met with them, but they definitely support me the most out of the rest. So shout out to Davion “DMac” Burgess, Deon “Fresh Heir” Hanna, Damian Ariza, and Andrew Basquez.  Aside from them my entire family supports anything I do.
Is it hard to juggle school and your music? How do you manage both?
It is actually a lot more difficult then I thought it would be, and its hard to really prioritize what really matters to me.  Don’t get it twisted, I would pick music over school anyday, if I could quit school right now for a guaranteed music career, I would with no thought about it needed. However my mother is the most important person in my life. So my goal in this life is to make her proud, and what would really make her proud more than anything in this world is a diploma and a degree. So until I get that guarantee to the music life, school is my only option.  I mean it is hard to manage both, but those are my priorities and I have to stay focused on both.  So its always a non-stop work ethic with my life.
Tell us about the music you make today. What inspires you when coming up with ideas for songs?
Mainly just experiences from my life are what give me song ideas. Topics that I think I need to speak on and storys that I think people need to hear. Sure I like to make a few fun, “turn up” songs every now and then, but overall I like to stay real and make sure that every song I put out has a meaning. I make music for a lot of the more younger generation, speaking on what I don’t agree on about this youth and also my problems with it all, so growing up in this time of life is really what inspires my music.  While also talking about my own struggles and achievements and the hunger to get noticed is really what inspires me to be as real, hard, and attention grabbing as possible with every song.
How do you feel you will stand out in today’s industry?
I hope to stand out as an artist that the industry can look at and see someone who wants to be a part of the music business.  I hear and see all these interviews of artists that just want the fame, fortune, females, and fly life.  Artists who look like they could care less if they were a rapper or not.  Which upsets me because being in the business is all I want.  I do it for the love of the art, not the check that comes with it. So I hope that today’s industry could see that in me and appreciate the potential and thirst for the music. I hope to stand out as someone who wants it all and isn’t afraid to fight for it.



We see that you perform a lot! Do you ever get nervous on stage? Do you have a pregame tradition you do before each performance?

I honestly wish I could perform more.  I love to perform, it is extremely fun and an experience I enjoy no matter how big the crowd is.  I do get nervous a lot but never on stage. I get the butterflies before I go up, then once I step into everybody’s sight of vision, I give them a performance and all my heart with it.  I act as well for plays in my drama class, so I have had lots of practice for being on a stage.  As for pregame traditions, the only thing I can think of is a quick prayer before, thanking God for the opportunities he’s given me and asking for more in the future. Once that prayer is done, I get into performance mode.

Tell us about your current mixtape? And the message you wanted your fans to hear when listening to it?
Well Half Cross is really actually kind of an old mixtape. But when I was making it, I focused on trying to get the attention of others and letting them know “hey, I might not be far right now, but this is the beginning of the rest of my life right here” There are several topics on that mixtape that I address, and lots of thought in what I really had to say.  Overall it was a message of outbreak, and a start to the career of one of the next rappers to hit the hip hop scene.
Do you have a favorite song on the tape? And why?
Probably my favorite song on there would have to be “What do I have to do” basically its asking my fans and any new listeners what I would have to do for them to love me.  Saying that I’m being myself and trying my hardest so why am I not seeing the results I want. To summarize it all, its a call to the listener to follow me on my journey and continue to support.  Its my favorite because it sums up the overall message I want people to get when they listen to me. Plus its just such a fun sounding song.
Are you working on any projects for the year?
I am. Currently I am finishing up a compilation tape with me and my homie Davion aka DMac. I have been rocking with him for over 2 years now and we call ourselves “The Big Boiz” This is the second tape we have made together, the first one being called “The Debut” This is going to be our second mixtape which will be dropped soon in either February or March. The tape is going to be named “The Devotion”. Other than that, at the same time I’m working on a new solo mixtape which will be out later this year. Its untitled at the moment, but Ill be keeping everyone posted on my Twitter and Instagram @BIG_MAGIK. This mixtape is going to be me at my best so its definitely something to look out for.
What do you feel is missing in today’s hip hop music?
I think just the passion for the music itself.  Its definitely coming back from what im hearing but there is still a lot to fix.  Also I feel like hip hop isn’t as raw, real, and fun as before. Nowadays listeners and fellow rappers take to many lines too literal and get too upset about them. Personally I see the mainstream, band wagon listeners as little popular white girls who try to run the school by being the center of attention in the worst way.  For example, after Kendrick’s control verse dropped, it went way too out of hand and listeners made it too serious.  Then the thing that bugged me the most were the rappers who kept trying to respond and diss Kendrick. None of them were that good in my opinion. But they need to know that hip hop is also about having fun and bagging on competitors.  Once people start over reacting, it takes the fun away. Keep in mind no matter what anyone thinks about me, it wont keep me from saying what I have to say and being blunt and straight forward, even if it takes name dropping.
What can we expect from BIG MAG-IK?
You can expect me to continue to grow. Both hype wise and as an artist myself.  Expect more good music, and expect some real, straight forward, blunt, honest, and passionate hip hop at its finest.  I am excited to see what the future has to offer me. But I know that the only way this road to glory will continue is if I work my hardest and stay focused on what I want and fight till I achieve my goals.  This music is all I really have so definitely don’t expect me to step down and quit anytime soon because trust that this is just the beginning.

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