Carlos Hawkins


What made you get into music?
I’ve always had extreme love for music. I just decided one day to take it on as a goal.

Did you always have a team of supporters like family and friends when you decided you wanted to pursue it as a career?
A few. But really not really. Now friend wise, there’s only a few. But they been riding.

Who were some artists that you grew up listening to and who are artists you listen to now?
Pac. All Atlanta music. Jayz. Bone. This list could go on and on. Now days I really don’t rock with too many. Only the real. I listen to a lot of the same music I grew up on.

How would you describe your sound? What is your favorite song you’ve made so far? Why?
My sound is definitely unique. Don’t think my voice sounds like anybody’s. And it doesn’t take form. I’m always coming down different. I go with it where the beat takes me. Favorite song would have to be Devils Work. Which I feat. On. Just all around “dopeness”. Soon as I heard it I had a verse in like 15 min. Loved it cause I showed my more lyrical side. And versatility. R&B feat. Like J and R Kelley.

What are some of the low points you’ve experienced as an artist today?
I been thru all kinds of shit. Never kept a point system. Cause Im blessed regardless. But I have been to the point where I was like Forget this… clearly I kept pushing.

Have you been working on any new material you can update your fans on?
Indeed!!! Watch for the #PumpFake. Please! Watch for the #PumpFaKe

How do you want to grow as an artist?
Oh that’s easy. In MAJOR way. And in anyway I can improve.


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