Dangerous Mood





Tell me about your group and how it first got started.
Trevor: Dangerous Mood is really an idea that music is powerful enough to evoke emotions and reactions from the listener, whether it be dancing, sadness, joy, or a feeling of lust. We like the raw feel of music and really believe that it can transcend age, background, gender and race.
We first got started playing in a full band that didn’t stay together. We ended up writing our own music anyway and it just kind of took off. We really believed in what we were doing at the time.

Where does your inspiration come from when writing songs?
Jordan: I personally get inspired by random things when writing. Sometimes a movie, an interesting looking person, or even a random image pops into my head, and I write about it.
Trevor: Usually it comes quickly. I get a theme in my mind and just try to take those mental pictures and get it across on my guitar or in lyrics the best I can. Sometimes the best music flows out easily and effortlessly when you have an emotional response to something as opposed to sitting around for a long period of time banging out a song.

Jordan, you have a BEAUTIFUL voice! When did you first start singing?
Jordan: I started singing at a very young age, we have home videos of me bossing my younger brother and his friends around to put on a concert. I was always making up songs. I started piano lessons when I was nine and my instructor encouraged me to try singing opera. I learned a lot, but at the same time it was a little over my head for my age and I lost interest. I continued singing after and doing anything that could get my voice heard.

Trevor, when did you first start playing guitar? What inspired you to want to learn?
Trevor: I was actually kind of a late bloomer. I remember I loved listening to my friend Owen Knox playing an acoustic guitar when I was younger. Owen wasn’t just strumming chords, he was really picking and loved to play loud and fast. He was a couple years older so I really looked up to him. I also had another friend who just picked up the guitar and seemed to be a natural. Both suggested I pick up the guitar so I could play with them. On my 16th birthday, that’s exactly what I did. And I became obsessed. I mean really obsessed. I would devour anything I could, play until I pinched nerves in my fingers and would sit around for hours pretending I was playing in front huge audiences around the country.

Tell me about your project Crossroads Dance? What did you want your fans to hear when listening to the album?
Jordan: Crossroads dance is our first CD so it was a learning experience that we are very proud of. We chose songs that are often fan favorites but also our personal favorites to perform. We wanted people to still get the feeling that they are listening to a live performance even if they are listening to the cd in their car.

Are you guys working on any new projects now?
Jordan: We are constantly writing new material and right now we are searching for additional band members.
Trevor: We have enough material for a couple more albums, so I’m sure we’ll be in the process of recording again soon. We are working on our first music video right now that should be ready to launch sometime this fall/early winter. Should be pretty awesome.

What is your ultimate goal for your group?
Jordan: My ultimate goal is for people in every continent to love the music we create and feel inspired by it. I want to use music to make an impact in people’s lives, but also use it as an outlet in my own life so I can travel the world and connect with fans and new friends.
Trevor: Couldn’t have answered it better myself.



  1. great interview!

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