Dog Society


Bruce – Dog Society Founder + Guitarist Answered These Questions

Tell me about Dog Society and when you first got started?
I have to say that starting a band is rough. Finding those right people can take forever. Ask anyone who’s tried. I feel very lucky.
I met our Richie in College. I first saw him running through campus with a huge Bass Guitar case under his arm. I asked to see the guitar.
A friend told Richie about this drummer we should check out and the two of us went to the club to see Joe play and were blown away.
The last puzzle piece was getting a front man / singer / songwriter.
We were lucky to find Brian through a professional Musician referral service. I remember my wife listening to his audition samples, she turned to me and said, “He is the one!”
We flew him out to NYC from Colorado after a few phone interviews and the four of us clicked. It was a perfect fit.
I promised Brian that we would be signed within a year.*
We rehearsed 4 nights a week in a private studio in Queens. We recorded demos of our songs at a studio in Brooklyn. The owner liked our material and hooked us up with management and they connected us with the Showcase at Montana Studios Studio A for the executives at Atlantic records.

*From meeting Brian to getting signed was a one year venture.

We signed contracts and received actual checks to buy our music equipment and tour gear. We were like children in a candy store.
Then the US tour began playing places ranging in all shapes and sizes from CBGBs to large arenas and the Shrine Auditorium in LA.

On twitter it says “former” Atlantic records artists – can you briefly tell us what that means and what happened? Our A&R Director left to go to another record company.
Management had other projects that took more attention from us in their roster. We had no video in a time when “videos” mattered. Dog Society toured and played until the fiscal well ran dry.

There are so many bands today competing with one another, how do you stay focused on what on your goals without getting caught up in competition?
For marketability, play stuff that people like and can relate to.
We do what we do. We show up at a show and let the songs, the musicianship, the lyrics and performance do the talking.
We don’t think about competition. We respect other bands and musicians who are doing great things around us.

What are some of the challenges that you’ve faced so far being in a band?
One of the significant challenges was to push Dog Society to a point beyond the Gray and get noticed again. Particularly in New York City.
Learning the hurdles and connecting with the right people like “Working Brilliantly” to help us go the extra mile and get the attention of an digital audience.

What are the pros about being in a band? Playing music with friends. People I know most of my life get together and create something. It’s very satisfying to be on stage with these guys…strong musicians who can play their asses off. Off stage each of us write songs and contribute to the project. It’s so nice to lean on the others when I have writer’s block. Richie, Joe or Brian will help fill in the blanks and sometimes the most simple solution becomes the main hook.

What motivates Dog Society? We want to have fun.
We’re all motivated and inspired by different things. Collectively, we’re inspired to create something that matters. Music we want remembered or appreciated by music lovers. We don’t go out of our way to write a hit or two minutes songs. We simply write musical ideas and lyrics looking for each others approval and that solution results in a new track.

Tell us about your album “Emerge” and what you want your fans to get out of listening to that album?
“Emerge” was a result of the four of us reuniting and making music again after a lengthy hiatus. The process was stripped down extracting all of the industry bullshit. I think the people listening can hear an unbridled approach getting the taste of Dog Society.

What’s next for you guys? We’ve been playing shows in the New York City Tri-State Area.
We’re playing the legendary Beacon Theater in New York and recording new material for a third release yet unnamed.
Follow us on Facebook and twitter @DogSocietyNY

What is your overall goal(s) and what exactly do you guys want to achieve with your band?
Speaking for myself…I want to empty my head. I know Brian wants to empty his head.  We have song ideas that we want to record and just empty the head.
The four of us want to record and experiment a little while doing so.
After that…all I want is Massive world domination. High grossing arena tours and seven digit digital sales.


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