Drew Raber – Perfect X

5 Stars!  


By Lisa Wilson

July 30th, 2013

If this were bowling, Drew Raber would have bowled a strike with his latest ten track album, “Perfect X.” This teen has to be one of the most talented young artists out today. It’s one thing to come out with an album, it’s another thing to produce it, write your own material, sing and even throw in some flows with your rapping skills. That’s exactly what Drew Raber does. Listening to this album is like listening to an entire love story and I must say it is well beyond its years. The more I listen to it the more I have to ask myself, “wait how old is he again?” The collabs that he brought on his tracks really compliment his style as well and fits perfect in the album.

He has such a fresh sound to his music that I can see a lot of other artists bringing this style to their own.  Every track has a smooth production to it that really brings out Drew’s voice and really every song could be played in the club or on the radio easily. Which is probably a good thing if they put the entire album on the radio since each song correlates with one another as if you’re turning the pages to a book. They all need each other. I’m highly impressed with his lyrics. A lot of big artists today don’t even bring that much creativity in their words. If I had to pick a favorite song on the album it would be Red Lipstick. Drew brings so much swag in his lyrics on this one, “She so fly, but I already said that, she got me so high, like I’m wearing a jetpack.” The girl he mentions isn’t the only Perfect X he has, but so is this album.



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