Elainee Presley




Elainee Presley – bringing back rock and roll!


We have been dancing to rock and roll and enjoying this amazing music for several decades now, and even thought the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, is now gone…Rock and roll is here to stay, and his family is still there to keep the fire alive.


Elainee Presley set out to follow the footsteps of her legendary family name, bringing back rock and roll on June 15th, 2013. The mythical Presley name is back under the spotlight thanks to Elainee’s talent and great contribution to music.

Elainee looks, mannerisms and sounds are just like her dad, Elvis, and this is clearly portrayed within her live shows and studio performances. The rock and roll diva is now collaborating with some among the most talented song-writers and producer on the worldwide music scene. We are talking about top song-writers such as Irene Leland, whose remarkable work on one of Elainee’s brand new songs led her to win an award.


So…Elvis Presley in her blood, an award-winning team of collaborators on her side…what more can you want from an artist?


Many people were instantly charmed by Elainee’s grace and amazing voice, including an established reporter who claimed “I can see Elvis in her all the way”.


She is the real deal, and she is determined to bring new life to rock and roll, that timeless music from the 50s we all learned to love at some point. How can you not love rock and roll? In just a short time span, Elainee managed to continue the success of the Presley name and earn the full respect and attention of the music world, and not only. Elainee is one of the most quoted Hollywood celebrities. Along with another Presley, Lisa Marie; Elainee is determined to make a big mark on the next future of the music scene with her exceptional new material and astounding vocal performances. Although Lisa Marie is the only daughter of Elvis and Priscilla, she is not the only daughter of the king. A great blessing for Lisa, who’s now no longer alone carrying the tremendous legacy of her father, one of the most iconic, most celebrated and most beloved singers in the history of music.


Rock and roll will definitely experience a great comeback, because Elainee is not the only one rocking. Legendary artist Cliff Richard will soon follow her with a brand new rock and roll release, inspired by Elainee’s powerful statements. Elainee and Lisa Marie Presley are truly honoring the legacy of their dad, Elvis, who might be gone, but whose music is still ringing so powerful and fresh, even after all these years. There’s just something magical and exciting to it that will probably never expire. Elvis would certainly love to see this scene, to see that his name is still associated to quality music to this day, not only remembered for the past. The next few years will be great for the comeback of rock and roll, and artists the likes of Elainee Presley are definitely on the forefront of this exciting, much needed comeback, leading the way back to rock and roll. Elainee is currently scheduled to release new material. We just can’t wait to listen!


Tell us about growing up with music and what it meant to you?

Everything started at age 5 and I always turned to music for everything, as a kid sang to an old record player, music was and always has been my life in a very deep spiritual meaning way, I will sing to make people happy until I die

Was this something you always wanted to get into yourself or did your family push you in that direction? 

I am very natural to music, it’s my life purpose, I was ill a lot of years with a physical illness and it was a deep pain until I could follow my life purpose, I never ever gave up no matter how long or hard, I now no longer have to wait, I have my dream.

Your dad is an icon, a legend, and idol to millions. Is it hard to live up to his standards? 

A lot of people ask me that question. He is my dad and so I look at him different and so in that yes I can, however as so many people told me I could never live up to him, I was brain washed I could not, when I was ill I was not in harmony it would have been a big no,  as a kid yes, and now  I feel I can live up to my father, but in this day and age, I have to make sure it is perfect and very natural and in the zone, and also have a top team to deliver my natural sound as a live natural sound and real.

How do you think rock and roll has transformed over the years? 

I do not think it has transformed, I think it is stuck in the 50’s and sang today from the 50’s you have rock but that is not the same thing.

You’ve made a statement about bringing rock and roll back! Where do you think it’s been?

As said it is in the 50’s, and performed from the 50’s.

What projects are you working on now that you can update us on? 

Yes, I am designing Rock N Roll to be in the future, not using the 50’s at all as I do not need to, I am from the 50’s and I am the real thing, the new Rock N Roll will have the Presley feel in the now today, yep, we are back baby.

What do you want your fans to remember about your music? 

That I was loyal and honored my family and my father and continued the Presley dream and brought Rock N Roll into the future with class and style and fun and that together, I did it for the fans, as I love them as so much did Dad!!


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