Frank Palangi


July 2012:

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What’s the hardest part about being an artist for you today?

Money for expenses to do shows, produce songs, merch, and advertising. Being an independent funded artist, their are a lot of challenges and you have to budget everything. Know what to spend on and what to not invest so much in.

Why choose a career in music?

It’s always my passion first. Always loved music since a young age. Started with movie soundtracks and scores like Halloween, T2 and Scream 3. After playing around in the garage, doing some local shows, and recording demos, I decided I wanted to take things further and make it a career. Started learning covers and playing out solo to earn extra $, which funded my original material. Practicing non-stop. Learning drums, bass, guitar and vocals. It’s a bit different now with more things going on but it’s what I want to do the rest of my life and I love to be creative. 

Tell us about your new single “I am ready.” What motivated you to write that song?

Really it was the drive, passion and will I felt at the time to create a song that expressed that I was ready to break into the industry. After recording my debut EP with producer Rogers Masson and rock band “Day of Fire” in Nashville, TN, I wanted a bit more of a edgy track with a new feel and expand. There’s something that I can’t describe, a feeling in me, like you were born for a purpose. I think it relates a lot with people because it deals with what their true passion is and to lead, not follow in life. I AM READY to hit the stage, to take on what comes and to keep moving forward and growing.

Are you signed to a label right now?

I am not currently but am looking. I’m endorsed by Intune Guitar Pick inc. and
I’m a self-marketing/promoting artist right now but it’s about the right fit, and not to just take the first thing that comes at ya. I’ve had licensing, distribution and indie-labels contact me with opportunities.
I don’t want to fall into something that would negate everything in the wrong direction.

You stated that being able to create music has been a blessing to you especially because you had to overcome a lot of hardships in your life. Can you tell us about how music has played such a vital role in your life?

Growing up with severe allergies and asthma and complications from birth, it was something I could do at home inside, away from a lot of out door activities. Never played sports so I turned to movies and music. My grandfather and parents were supportive of whatever I wanted to decide to do and I think they knew there was something there in music. It gave me the ability to look up to other artists and study things with an open mind. As I say, “don’t follow what everyone else is doing, carve your own path in life. Follow your passion.”

What are some of your musical goals? Do you want to play at the Grammys? Go Platinum? 

Grammy’s would be awesome for sure! Full album that went Gold, Platinum, would be amazing! I want to make a good living at what do, record music, work with artists, play shows and reach out and connect with people. Connecting with the fans, you get to talk with so many great people and see the culture around you. LOVE IT!

Are you working on any new projects?

New track in the works with the same producer as I AM READY, Rob Coates, from Nashville, TN and his team at Labelmix called “FROZEN”. Rob is a great producer and really cares about the artist. Noah Henson from the band Pillar and the former drummer, Lester Estelle, will be on the track. It’s more a rock ballad song but has major potential to connect with the modern audience. 
For sure future plans and in the works, a FULL ALBUM! I like being a solo artist and having flexibility to work with different people in the industry and talents. On the show end, I’ve been blessed to open recently for some national acts like TRAPT, Candelight Red, HURT, Jesse Malin, FUEL. My backing band has been awesome with rockin shows and bringing the full sound to the stage.

What do you want your fans to get from listening to your music?

Not the typical formal of rock music that’s used over and over again in today’s market. Old school rock and what’s current now. A mix of things. A positive rock image. Something that relates to them. There is I believe some mix as well of the 80’s rock and 90’s rock style. Having the ability to connect with the artist as well.

What motivates you to continue to do music even when times get hard?

My passion, drive and will to keep moving forward. I practice, research and work hard. If I wasn’t, I’m sure I wouldn’t be doing any interview articles. I live and breath what I do. “I have no plan B in backing down my dreams”.

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