We were able to interview Dylan Hyde in our Winter Issue! Check it out here!


Describe yourself in one word?




How did you come up with the word ninjas as your fans?


It was just something that kind of happened. I love the game ninja and I just thought that the fans should have something they could call themselves that wasn’t just an attachment of my last name.


What’s the best part about pursuing a career in music? And hardest part?


The best part is being able to profile my dreams. I’m being given a one in a million chance. I’m very blessed.The worst part is just that sometimes I get a little home sick. But that’s not even a big deal.


What are your plans for the Holidays?


Just being able to kick back with my family and have a great time. Write some music. I don’t know. I don’t really want to take a break from all the music for very long. It’s too much fun!


How does the writing process happen for you when you begin writing a song? Do you have a favorite location? Start with the chorus?


My favorite location(s) are my bedroom with just candlelight, or this park by my house. It’s beautiful at nighttime.If I’m at the park lyrics are first. Usually just starts off as poetry in that situation. But at home in my room it could be either or; I don’t have a specific formula. The inspiration tells me what to do; it all depends on my mood and everything like that. Writing is my main hobby.


So tell us, what you’ve been working on? Coming out with an album soon? 


Sure am! I’ve been working non-stop on new songs. Expect an album from me early 2013.


Do you have a specific goal as an artist that you’re trying to achieve?


Just to be myself all the way through. I hope to be legendary. I really inspire to be a producer when I’m older besides being an artist. 


What advice do you have for other young up and coming artists today?


DO NOT worry about other people’s opinions. Live out your dreams however you want to. Follow your dreams until the end of forever…. Seriously.


Favorite gum?

Any kind of mint. Or the Layers gum…. the Cherry-Lime one

 Favorite present you ever received on your birthday?

Definitely my first guitar

 Favorite young celebrity growing up as a child?

Oh that’s a no brainer. Justin Bieber!


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