IM5 is one of the hottest newest bands that the world will soon see. They have so much energy and life on stage and off stage! We were happy to get to chat with them via SKYPE! But check out the transcribed interview below! 😀


How did this band come together?

There was big audition put together
by Simon Fuller, Jamie King and Perez Hilton from all around the country, they took video submissions as well. And we’re just lucky to have been the chosen five.

How was it like performing for the Jackson? Did they give you any advice?

CRAZY, “cray cray.” They’re legends! They are the original boy bands, the fact that we’re an up and coming boy band, it was surreal. We sang a Michael Jackson song, and we were like we can’t mess
up! We actually made a relationship with them! We talked to Jackie a lot and he’s very supportive. One of our bosses Jamie has worked with them before so it’s cool to have that relationship with Superstars. (Laughs)

When can we expect an album for you guys?

This year 2013! We’re looking to come out with an EP first then album later in the year.

2012 was really promising for you guys what can we expect for 2013?


What’s the most useful advice you would give to someone who wanted to be in a music scene?

Dana: When ur not practicing someone is.

Cole: Always have a good outlook and positive attitude. And Show a smile!

Dalton: Learn as many instruments as you can!

Will: Work hard! And good things come to those who work hard and are Lucky! 

Gabe: Pee before performing. You don’t ‘wanna’ be on stage and have to pee. Most importantly, love everyone. Peace. Love and Happiness will make the world go round!

What’s the best present you have received from a fan?

Dana: These pair of overalls. They were so cool! It even had a fur collar!

Cole: A Kiola with a Spiderman outfit!

Dalton: This carving of a dolphin necklace!

Will: #1 Shoutout to Valerie for the cupcakes! They were so good! #2 A girl from Texas gave me a hawkeye from the Avengers!

Gabe: My mom got engaged. My moms a fan! IM5Band


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