Josey Milner


Love your voice! When did you first start singing?

Josey Milner: Thank you, and I’ve been singing pretty much ever since I could talk. It was something that I’ve always enjoyed doing.

Who got you into music?

JM: We don’t really know where my passion for music came from, honestly. No one in my family has ever been involved in music like me. As far as the career, I was invited to sing at the National Steel Guitar Convention in St. Louis, MO in 2010. That’s where stuff really started. I was able to sing on the main stage and I loved it. I didn’t want to get off! When I got done, I had a lot of people approach me and tell me how much they enjoyed it. At the time, I was only 14, so to have people tell me that, it was super exciting. I also had people tell me that I should try it out as a career because they thought I could make it far. So, we thought about it and went for it!

Country music is more than a genre I feel like it’s a culture in its own. Tell us about the country feel and the what you love about it?

JM: I love the country music genre because I think almost every song has a story to tell. The songs are so relate-able and there is not one person that can’t find a song that matches them. I just think it’s so real and tries to cover topics that are important.
Love your song Cowgirls! Can you tell us about the meaning of the song and how the concept came to life?

JM: This song fits me really well because I actually did rodeo for 8 years before I got into music, so obviously you can see why I liked it. The song was found my my manager and we actually had it on the back burner for a while. When we finally agreed to do it, I worked with the same team that I worked with on my first single. It was so much fun recording it because it was upbeat and a dancing song! I was really happy with the final result, and it has done amazing things for my career.

How does the writing process work for you? Do you come up with music first then lyrics?

JM: For me, the writing process starts with good lyrics. I think in order to have a solid foundation of a good song, you have to have good lyrics. The music just amps it up and makes it even better. So for me, lyrics come first.

Who are some of your influences today?

JM: With being in style industry and understanding how everything works, I think Miranda Lambert is my biggest influence. She has just taken control of her career, and if she doesn’t like something, you know about it. She always releases great songs and I just think she’s an all around amazing person.

They say the sky is the limit. How far do you want to take your music?

JM: I want to take my career as far as I can. Of course, the biggest goal is to be a staple in the county music industry and to be able to headline your own tours. That’s where I want to take my music.

What new releases or projects are you working on right now?

JM: Right now we are working on my next single called “Down by the Bonfire”. We’re looking to have it released towards the beginning of September. Besides that, we are also working on my EP. We have one more spot for a song, and we’re thinking that my producer and I will be writing it, which is very exciting. Of course, performing and traveling and just building the career.

What has been your favorite song so far and why?

JM: I am really proud of all my songs that I have released. They have all been different and have different meanings. I love what “Not Pretty Enough” stands for and that I became a spokesperson for Angels and Doves, a national, anti-bullying organization, but I also love “Cowgirls” too because it represents me.

Finish this sentence. In 5 years, Josey will be…?

JM: Either a common name heard on the radio or on a national tour. ;] Dream big!



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