Lil Twist

This teen rapper has been gaining quite the attention with his lyrics and flow. Lil Twist, who is under Lil Wayne’s label, Young Money, was able to talk to us a while back about his music and how we got started. Check it out!



When did you first start rapping?

I started rapping when I was 7 years old. It started from me just being a follower and following my older cousins. They would just be in the house with a computer and a tape recorder rapping. I just started doing it for fun and stuff but then I realized that I loved doing it and stuck with it and here we are today.

Young money is one of the biggest record labels out that’s started by one of the biggest rappers out today, Lil Wayne. How does it feel to be part of this label?

It’s a blessing and something that I don’t take for granted, that’s why I continue to work hard everyday. It’s a great label because as an artist I’m able to have creative control over my album. I have the freedom to just go in the studio and do what I want to do with no one trying to box me in or anything, and besides that it’s a family. We have each others back, like for real. And that’s what seperates Young Money from any other label, our talent, our bond and our work ethic.

Drake, Nicki Minaj are all part of Young Money. Do you look up to them as sort of big brothers and sisters? And do they ever give you any advice in terms of your music or anything?

I definitely look at them as my brother and sister just like I look up to Wayne and Mack as my brothers, Shanell one of my sisters, just a big family.

I would say they basically just give me advice on life in general. Just to keep working hard, stay true to yourself, stay humble.

Besides music, your fans know that you have a lot of fun and hang out with Justin Bieber quite often who is another big teen artist today. Is Justin a good friend of yours and what do you guys like doing for fun?

Justin is like a brother to me, we’re very close friends we’ve been friends for a long long time now. When were together we just hang out, play basketball, eat, play pranks on each other lol, talk, regular stuff. I went out on the road with him for the last few days of his tour and we just came back from vacation together, that was a lot of fun too, lol he’s crazy.

Tell us about your last mixtape, “The Takeover: Carte Blanche Edition” and what was the message behind it and what did you want your listeners to get from it? When can we expect your album to drop?

Well my album “Don’t Get It Twisted” will definitely be dropping this year, around spring time. As far as the mixtape I just wanted my fans to get to know me more, I have a few songs on there for the ladies like “Wind It” and “Every Step” and then I have songs where I’m going off like “Carte Blanche” “Here Forever” and ”No Problems” and then I have laided back chill songs like “Lambo Music” and ”Ball Out” so it basically describes me, I’m a chilled laid back person that loves the ladies but I will go off on you…lol Don’t Get It Twisted!

Besides music, you also do acting and had a cameo role in the movie “Lottery Ticket.” Is acting also something you would like to get more into as well?

Definitely, I love the camera, lol. But I don’t want to rush into it too fast, I want to really get where I want to be musically first. Once I get my Grammy I’m going after that Oscar lol

Who are some of your influences today?

First and foremost my Big Brother Lil Wayne, he’s a really hard worker and his hard work is a great inspiration to me. I love Andre 3000, he’s just in his own world, like there’s no one you can compare to Andre and that’s how I look at myself, like you can’t compare to anyone out now.

Although you have worked with many great talented artists today, is there someone you would love to work in the future?

I would love to work with Taylor Swift. I just know that we would come up with something dope.

Is there someone that really supported your music goals from the very beginning that has really helped you throughout your career?

My Mom! I love my mother so much. She always believed in me from the very beginning. She’s my everything and I do this for her. Me and my mother are very close, I can talk to her about anything. I love you momma lol

Last question Twist, a lot of younger people today want to get into rapping. What advice would you give them today?

I would say go hard, work hard, don’t listen to haters, don’t give up, keep perfecting your craft, and surround yourself with a great team of people that believe in you also.
Twitter: @liltwist


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