Matthew C. Martino

When did you first start getting into acting? 

In 2009 , I had just had my first photo shoot for fun and it went extremely well and I thought to myself ‘I can get used to this’ , I went on to attend a few acting classes and since then I’ve never looked back. I just love being able to transition from being myself into a role.

How do you get into a particular role?

I often do a bit of research about the role, I would try and establish what characteristics the character has and also actually find out how this character in a real life situation would go about it. Is not always as easy people think to get into a role, I’ve been told I am naturally funny , but when I get a comedic role I struggle to carry it.

What are some challenges you find when it comes to acting?

The biggest challenge of acting is being able to make the role believable, in as well as having the right outlook and connection with your co-actors. One problem is in most films you have 2 people playing similar roles but one is slightly more energetic than the other, which makes the end product seem somewhat like a battle of best actor, rather than a film.

What is the best thing you enjoy about doing what you do?

I just enjoy seeing the end result, when I watch the fully edited film for the very first time it’s an amazing feeling.

As a producer how does your view of a movie change versus being an actor?
As a producer I’m now actually in a bigger position of responsibility other than being an actor. In production I’m worrying about money, wrap times, release forms and the general Health & Safety of everyone on set. It all adds up when working in production.
How do you motivate yourself to get better in your producing?

I motivate myself to get better by watching others and seeing how they manage their productions. Being a good producer is essentially about knowing the best & quickest way to do something, thus seeing how others go about the logistics of production will only make me better at what I do.

Do you prefer one over the other?
I do, It has to be producing, working in production has its ups and downs and can leave you feeling tired & stressed but it’s a very rewarding role. As a producer I ultimately have the opportunity to give others actors a chance to work on a film.
Who are some of your favorite producers of today that you admire?

I admire Ridley Scott, both in the Directing/Producing spectrum. And I also admire Richard Curtis; his directing style is always interesting.

Are you working on any new projects now?

I’ve just finished producing indie feature film ‘Ortega and His Enemies’ and I’ll be filming more episodes of Lets Fly Documentary over the next few months and I’ve also been confirmed to produce a feature film for February 2014, which I can’t really talk about at the moment but the future is looking bright.

What ultimate goal are you trying to achieve with your talent?

I’m trying to achieve beautiful works of art. I want to be working on productions that not only change the world for the better but also entertain viewers. I want to produce films that cover topics such as rape, immigration, starvation and cancer as I feel these would actually benefit the viewer and hopefully be able to entertain them.


To find out more about Matthew and his future productions visit – or follow @M4tMartino on Twitter.


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