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Tell us about your how you both came up with the name MINX & Bates? And how you both came together to form your group? 

1-MINX:We met at a party and started free styling. Bates was killing it so I told him to come over and get on a track with me. From then on everything we worked on featuring both of us has been solid.

How has the journey as artists been for the two of you so far?

2-Bates:I mean, it’s been great. When we started we didn’t have much going on but after a while we landed our first showcase in HollyWood. Ever since that, a lot more has been happening for us like gaining contacts and exposure, lots of exposure.

When did you first get into music? And Why?

3-MINX: My whole life I’ve wanted to be a musician, as far back as I can remember. I gradually transitioned through a lot of genres of music then I came across Hip-Hop and I got hooked.

3-Bates: I never really thought of being a musician when I was a kid but I was always into music. And when I met MINX I finally had the opportunity to make my own.

Who are some of your influences today? 

4-MINX & Bates:

Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Childish Gambino, Mac Dre, Schoolboy-Q, G Eazy, Chance the Rapper, Hoodie Allen, Wiz Khalifa

What are some of the pro’s and con’s of being artists today?

5-MINX: Pros. The social media networks it’s so easy to connect directly to fans, and you give people the opportunity to discover you without you having to put it in their face. And sure we’ve sent out a lot of ‘listen to our shit’ messages but that’s the beauty of social media you can reach millions in one click

5-Bates:That’s a big con though because almost all those people don’t even bother to take a look at what we are trying to show them, and who knows they could have loved it.

What’s been the most successful thing so far you’ve gotten out of your music?

6-MINX:We’re on the Best of the West 2014 Music Artists Compilation Album, which comes out February 15, 2014 on iTunes. And as an upcoming artist, the feelin of our own music being presented to mass amounts of people, and having it available for sale, makes me feel like we’re doing something right.

What’s your motivation to continue to strive after this even when it starts getting tough?

7-Bates: The feeling I get from being on stage. I’ll continue to do it to get that feeling and for our fans and family because the fact that they all support and believe in us is what keeps me going.

Do you ever have fears about not making it?

8-MINX:All the time, but it pushes us to work harder. I have a lot of confidence in our music and the only thing that would prevent us from moving to the top would be giving in to that fear. So as long as we keep that mind set and continue to put everything we have into it, that fear becomes irrelevant.

How do you guys come up with songs? Who produces the beats?

9-MINX:If we don’t have a hook that has been sitting in our heads for days, we come up with a random story to start. Then we find a sound with a name that could possibly be part of the story and then work from there. We produce everything in a very small bedroom by ourselves.

Are you guys working on any new projects? New album? Mixtape? 

10-Bates:Right now we are actually working on a new mixtape and we’re in the process of making a few videos hopefully coming soon.

What’s been your favorite song you’ve released so far? 

11-Bates:By far Everlasting Gobstopper. The beat and concept are what make the song unique and different from what we usually do. It’s my favorite to perform because that song just goes hard.

11-MINX:My favorite song we’ve released so far is probably The Point because it came together so smoothly. And I love performing it. When people sing along, that songs pops off.

Where do you see yourselves ten years from now? 

12-MINX:I see our music on every iPod in the world. I see us selling out stadiums for people who have followed us to the top. We have big goals, but there’s nothing holding us back from turning them into accomplishments.

12-Bates: Hopefully with MINX at the Grammys performing and taking home as many awards as we can. I actually had a dream that we won.



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