Nick Mara

Nick Mara is the next BIG TEEN STAR! We got a chance to interview him and talk music with the young lad. Check it out below.


June 2013

Tell us about your experience being on TV with Mariah Carey, on NBCs Saturday Night Live and ABDC- what did you learned from it all?
All were different and amazing experiences for me. ABDC was an unexpected surprise, and a special memory because my love for dance all started from watching recorded episodes of ABDC Season 1.
But, there was something very special about being chosen to perform with the legendary, infamous and most accomplished pop-sensation, Mariah Carey. It was a humbling experience. Mariah was there with Randy Jackson who I knew from ABDC, and they both treated me so well at the audition! Such generous people! That was my first audition as an individual and not as a group, and the fact that I was chosen was truly such a big accomplishment that I was very proud of!
Saturday Night Live was so much fun. Being on the same stage with two of my favorite comedians Kenan Thompson and Jason Sudeikis was so surreal. Then, it got better when I met Paul McCartney and Martin Short!
I realize I am living a dream and I am so thankful for it! So far, all of my experiences have solidified the quote I stand by of “Patience, Practice, Passion and Pride.” It’s been an amazing incredible memorable ride.

Who are some of your influences today when it comes to singing and dancing? Chris Brown and Usher inspire and influence me with their signature sound and incredible dance moves.

What goes through your mind when you’re on stage performing? And do you have a routine that you do before hitting the stage? (Rub magic lamp lol?)
My most comfortable state of mind is when I am on stage performing. I become entranced in the music and feed off of the energy of the audience. I don’t really have anything routinely specific that I do before performing, but I stretch my arms and legs, breathe in and out and jump right on stage.

As a dancer you have to be in good shape! Can you tell us a little about how you stay in shape while being a dancer? Dancing, as with any sport, requires a lot of training. I stay hydrated, with water, Gatorade, or Vitamin Water. I make sure that I eat healthy and train through cardio workouts! My workouts are usually two-three times per week and then I train in dance studios in NYC.

You’ve accomplished many dreams! What’s one dream you have today that you wish to accomplish?
To become a solo artist!

What projects are you working on?
I just completed the NRG Tour and am now working with a writing team, and jumping into my vocals much more. I am working in the studio with the producer and the writing team. We vibe well. We listen to the beats and write lyrics to what were hearing. Sessions like that are great. Really allows me to share my creative and artistic side and connect with a song. Eventually, I will be sharing all of my work with everyone, but, all good things take time! Like I’ve said, there is so much good happening, that I can’t wait for everyone to see and hear. I’m excited to finally be able to share my versatility between singing, dancing and acting. Everything is coming to fruition. I’m just letting things fall into place. Not forcing it. When something is ready to be shared, I’m going to make it big for you guys!
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What advice do you have for other young up and coming dancers today?
Don’t stop chasing your dreams. Never say you can’t “ Success Only Happens After Failed Attempts”


HIS FAVORITE SHOES: VLADO has an awesome pair of shoes out called Leon’s. I have them in grey! I also like South Beach LeBron 9’s and Concord 11s.

Tough One! I like Diesel and Obey! There are so many more, but I would run out of room here if I listed them all!

Molten Lava Cake

I would like to say thanks to my fans! I have begun engaging my fans as much as possible through my artistry and through Giveaways. I have had a couple wonderful companies that sponsor me. We have collaborated and have done some really cool “Giveaways” for my fans. That has been such a blessing. It truly keeps me connected to my fan base and continues to motivate me!


@funfactjayjay One word to describe how you feel when you’re on stage?


@alyssaxmarax3 any fun exciting events coming up? Yes! This summer there are so many things planned. I will be travelling to the west coast, in the studio, and working on a TV show! Who knows when everything will air, but it will be a fun experience!

@paulaavxo what do you like most about travelling to different places?
I love meeting new people and experiencing the lifestyle of each place! Naturally, meeting my fans is amazing!

@chiara_diona whens the next time you plan on
coming to Cali?I’m actually back and forth quite a bit. Stay wired though, I will be there soon!!!

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  1. I love u nick

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