Ryan Anthony


How did you get started in music?

My parents wanted me to learn to play the piano when I was 11, after a while I really enjoyed it and it went on from there.
Tell us about the influence music had on you growing up and how that has or hasn’t affected you as an artist today?

Hearing electronic music artist the likes of Jean Michel Jarre while growing up set the direction I wanted to follow, at 16 I traded in my piano for my first synthesizer, my music progressed from that to what it is today. 

Tell us about producing music! Where does the inspiration come from?

My inspirations comes from feelings, the way I feel at a particular moment paves the track I am going to produce, I have never held myself down to one genera of music which has earned me the schizophrenic producer title hahahha.

Fly away is a dope track! Can you tell us about it and how did that come about?

Well if I was very honest, I produced the main hook for that track last year, but went on to producing other projects such as ‘Lost Inside My World’ on Alter Ego Tranquil State records, but I knew at some point I had to finish Fly Away as the people who heard the demo kept asking when I was going to finish it as they like it. I have always liked Drum and Bass but for me as a musician it lacks… well to be honest, it lacks music, so I set out to produce a track that would be pleasing to people that were maybe not into DNB while trying to keep the purist happy, the track is signed to Forte Records and will be released July / August 2013 with remixes from Hnoize, Byzanite and Igor Dantas.

How long does it usually take you to produce a track?

A month maybe two, it depends, sometimes I will start something and revisit it at later date when I have a feeling for it again.

How does being able to play certain instruments help your process in creating different tracks?

I believe knowing how to play instruments is important, sure this day and age much of the EDM music is computer based and the music sounds sterile, but unless you have a musical background you wont be able to create parts like the piano break down near the end of my track Fly Away. I think at the very lease people wanting to create dance music should learn basic chords.

Now do artists come to you looking for different songs? How does that process work with connecting with different artists?

I do not produce music for other artist, but I wouldn’t rule it out in the future, I am currently talking with song writers and vocalist for future collaborations so who knows.

Who are some of your influences today past or present?

Pendulum would be one influence, I respect the way they have turned the DNB scene upside down by fusing rock with it, other influences include MOBY / William Orbit, Chemical Brothers and many more.

What new projects are you working on that you can share with your audience?

I am currently working on a chillout track that I am hoping to collaborate on and a disco house track.

Lastly, what advice can you offer to other aspiring new artists/producers today?

I do not know if I am in the position to offer advice, I am just a music artist floating in the big sea full of talent that overshadows mine, but what I would say is, self promotion is very important, tell people about your music, boast as much as you can on all your social networks even if it makes your friends sick, invest in yourself…


WEBSITE: http://www.Ryan-Anthony.com
MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/risey



  1. I enjoyed this article as the artist seems to come across with honesty and keeps himself grounded by not showing off, like his comment about advice. His music is very Well produced and I would like to say I truly am listening to your advice, you’re great. Maybe one day my band can reach the quality of your productions, thank you and good luck xxxx

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