Ryan Moreland




Tell us about when you first started to get into music?
I First Got Into Music when I was about 3 years old watching and Imitating Michael Jackson. I always Loved the way he danced and really I think thats what got me going in the beginning. Then Later On when I got older around 7 years old, I moved more into Hiphop & Rap because I was just so amazed at how these rappers could just put all these words together and still could make them rhyme and flow. I was just amazing at the thought of doing that.  But yeah, Music Has always had a great place in my heart and my desire is to be the very best.

Who are some of your influences today?
Some of my influences today are lil wayne, Jay Z, Drake, and Kanye West.

What motivates you to keep striving after your dream?
Wanting to be the best, I mean Im not just doing this to do this. Like I want to go down in History as Greatest Artist of All Time. Thats why Everyday I work on me, getting me better as a artist. Whether it be singing, rapping, dancing, meditatating, or studying the game. I know that right now in my life that I am In a very good position, Because no one is doing what I’m about to do, besides that I just work too damn hard to fell. Not trying to sound cocky but Im just confident in my abilities as a artist.

What do you think the biggest difference between music today and from the past?
I think the biggest difference today then yesterday is the way its being presented to us. Its Like nowadays rappers make meaningless songs talking about absolutely nothing which then kills the value of it, so now 3 and 4 years from now them songs will never have that “wow I still wanna listen to this track type feelin to it”. I mean nowadays a song may be jumping for about 3 maybe 4 weeks if its good. But to me that not music, I wanna make the type music that people will enjoy for years to come.

Tell us about your new album coming out soon?
I so glad you asked. I have my debut Album, ( I Am Legend) which will be officially released on December 25,2013, On online and in stores as well. I’m super excited about it. I will be uploading some new tracks that will be on the album on my facebook page @ ( http://www.facebook.com/RyanKMoreland) & also on my fanpage as well @ ( http://www.facebook.com/RKMLegend).

How do you feel about the end result?
I’m putting my heart and soul in this album. This Album will make history I’m working so hard right now on everything and I truly believe my fans will be very satisfied with the end result.

Are you working on any other projects you can update your fans on?
No not really, Just focusing on the album.

When will you know you made it?
When I have the whole world screaming my name. Thats when I’ll know.


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