Gotta admit your flow is refreshing to hear. You have real lyrics in your music and clean flow. When did your journey as an artist start?
Thank you sir. I appreciate it. My journey started on the side of my bed, writing in a black and white composition notebook only for Jessica to hear. I was 16. I had no idea would become of it, but I knew I’d be great.

How have you seen yourself grow as an artist so far?
I’m aggressively comfortable. I attack every track but I’m much more balanced now. You ever saw the documentary Man on wire? That’s me. I’m at ultimate peace with myself so when I create is on a higher level, higher state of mind. I give you everything and hold back nothing, no matter the risk.

What motivates you to keep striving daily after this?
My mom. God. My son, my nieces and nephews, the have nots, critics. Talent inspires me, a great success story always inspires me. Brian Dunn was a salesman at Best Buy that became a CEO. That shit gives me life. Clark Kent told me to never slow and I hear his voice every time I get tired. I’ll never stop.

Who were some hip hop artists you grew up listening to? 
A lot of Wu-tang, Big L, Cam’ron, M.O.P, all the good stuff.

You have a list of achievements that you’ve accomplished. What else are you striving after in your career?
I gotta be great, then I’m outta here. I gotta leave something that lives forever. I only work for that reason. I look at Coca-cola and think how? I look at Starbucks and Howard Shulz and get goosebumps. These guys have created brands that supersede their own self. That’s the mission for me. I gotta get all these thoughts out my head.

Can you tell us your current thoughts of what you think about the hip hop game today and the direction you feel it’s going?
Hip-hop lacks leadership. And in the absence of kings the commoners will claim king. Nothing survives without proper leadership. Nothing survives without organization. You can’t let everything fall under “freedom of speech” and let everyone say what they want because they will. Life has boundaries and so did hip-hop but no more. It’s a filterless filthy soulless fucking degenerate state of perpetual bitterness, animosity, talentless  wasteland of morons and weirdos. But it can be fixed and filtered and adjusted because the fans are still pure and they know exactly what they want, they just don’t know how.

What’s in the works for you currently?

Quiet Ink Productions is the name of our entertainment company. Me and my partner Oskar have more than a few things in store. We have holdings in a film called “Trouble in the heights”. I am also featured in a film called “The Nutcracker” and we have a film about the music industry that I wrote called “The Owners” in pre-production. I’ll be on Fuse TV. Besides that I have a bunch of new records out including “Banksy” “Everyday’s a Saturday” and a pretty awesome record called “Unchained” feat the late President John F. Kennedy. Expect more music, more films, some clothes and a lot of surprises.

Ten years from now where do you see yourself? 

Blessed far beyond measure.


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