Sammy Adams

Sammy Adams

July 2012


Tell us about the first time you had a sold out show and what you were thinking and feeling?

First time I had a sold out show I was pretty excited, it was a 600-700 cap room and packed with energy. We had been touring colleges in the northeast, and working towards building a solid core fan base, so it was amazing that they all came out to support us! Being on stage for a soldout rowdy crowd was surreal and made me want to push and work to sellout bigger and bigger rooms.

Tell us about your video that kind of put you on the map, “I hate College?” What inspired you to make that song? Is there anything you miss about college today?

Haha. Well, the video was just a picture of me in a studio in Boulder, Colorado…. But I made the song to sort of mirror the events, hilarious stories, parties, and lifestyle that myself and college roomates lived when I was in school. I despised a few teachers so I threw a couple instances from classes in the song. I loved the aspect of living with your homies and playing soccer competitively, but I honestly don’t really miss much about college. Life is good.

You have opened for many different artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, LMFAO …do they ever give you any advice as an artist?

No, we never really spoke to be honest, I just handled my business and didn’t bother them.

Tell us about shooting your new music video “Only One,” how do you feel about the end result of the video? And do you have an “Only One,” in your life right now?

Shooting “Only One was an amazing experience. The extras, the girl (Noora), and everyone that helped shoot, create, and help with the video did an amazing job. It was also the first time I got to act in a video, so it wasn’t just a performance piece right to camera. I think it’s my best video and I’m super pleased with the outcome of it for sure. I’m totally single there isn’t an “only one” in my life haha, but I’m not afraid of finding her.

How do you set yourself apart from other artists today in terms of your style?

I separate myself in a couple ways, my stage presence, and the music that I make (ie: my creative process). I built this business and my career with Alex (mgmt) by touring the country indie, so we played some tough rooms and I had to learn how to command the stage and how to win people over that weren’t necessarily there to see me (or know me at the time). The live show is what we based our next projects off, so whatever songs we made we made an effort to attempt to make music that would best translate live. In terms of my creative process its different than a lot f artists. I handwritten most of my songs but, I write ALL THE TIME. I keep a journal/road diary or whatever you want to call it and write down everything day to day, so I don’t forget the little things, the shows, the people I meet and random funny things/interesting things I see along the road and this journey. My music is a pure translation of things that happen in my life or things that I wish could happen, or that I wish I had, so my experiences usually tend to be very present in my songs. Whenever there is a lot of movement, like water, flying, when it’s raining, I get sensory deprivation so my brain sort of takes off on a tear and I get super creative. Pharrell put me onto “sensory deprivation.”

Tell us about your upcoming projects you’re working on now?

My upcoming project is my debut album with a major label. The songs are mostly feel good, upbeat songs about a variety of experiences and topics, while others reflect what I’ve been going and the perseverance it has taken to stay me and keep my music on track throughout this amazing journey. It’s a mix between rap, pop, dance, and electronic music, but all of the songs are very me, my identity is clear throughout the whole project.

What do you think it took for you to “Blow Up?”

I think it depends on how you define “Blow Up.” For me I’m big but I’m not famous, I have a great fan base but have a lot of work to do to get where I want to be eventually. The success we’ve had has been amazing and the support has been great especially from a touring standpoint, but our team has huge goals and high hopes for the future, so in my mind I don’t think I have blown up yet.

Who is an artist from the past that you would have loved to have gotten the chance to work with? Why?

Jimmi Hendrix. That dude was a lefty, played the guitar upside down and backwards when he started, and just had an aura about him when he performed on stage (from the footage I’ve seen, and from the stories my parents and their friends told). I just look up to guys like that, that revolutionize a certain genre. Having him rip on a track would be amazing!!!!

What advice can you give to people with dreams of being a successful artist?

Dream big. The best advice I can give is to be patient, and take your time. If you get your music right, the fans will come and the music will make its way around. NOTHING that lasts or is renowned as a great career happens instantly, you have to work very very hard, and make sacrifices to get to that level of success. Be you, if you own and love your music and make it your own way without following anyone people will look up to you and follow your music career.

Thank you guys for the interview and your time much appreciated.


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