Shameik Moore

Talking to Shameik was hilarious! He is super cool and if I learned one thing from him it’s that he is very proud of his smooth chocolate skin! It’s cool to see this young man work so hard and how Nick Canon is a great mentor to these young entertainers. Check out the interview below!

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How is it working with Nick Cannon?

Nick is an inspiration! Just seeing everything he does he’s really focused. It’s really inspiring being around someone like that and who really provides for family. He’s been in the game so long. I really want that, to be able to be on that show produce that show, he’s doing a lot. It’s inspiring just to be around him!

Best Advice you’ve gotten so far?

Best advice I got was from Brandon T. Jackson.
He told me “stop worrying about everybody else trying to be better than others. You’re really good. Don’t try and outdo your competition. Worry about yourself, have your own swag. People are gonna like you for you.” My dad tells me that too!

What’s a typical day for Shameik?

Man, right now it varies. Doing a lot of meetings with publicist, then hit the studio at nights. During the day, music videos and school work. My mom is really on me about school. Always making sure my English is right!

What advice do you have for other young up and coming artists today!

My advice is don’t GIVE up! If you want it you REALLY have to want it. You have to go and get it. That’s the realest thing that I’ve ever heard. But seriously if you want to be an actor and come out to LA don’t give up. It’s a war! You got to fight for what you want. You can do it!


First thing you do when you wake up?

Thank God for another day then do everything else I have to do for that day.

Favorite Snack:

Reese’s cups, Kit Kats and Sprite. As soon as I drink it I can’t stop. But I can’t eat too much chocolate it breaks me out! And I gotta stay smooth!

Favorite pair of shoes?
These Adidas that I have. They’re blue, green and BRIGHT! They are pretty dope I never wear them though because I don’t know what to wear with them!



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