Shauna Case

Shauna is such a sweetheart. She’s a little comedian if I might add. I think she has a natural gift for improv. Wayne Brady better watch out! Check out her interview below!

Shauna Case - Photo-credit - Shandon Youngclaus - 5 photo by Shandon Youngclaus

We know you moved a couple years ago! Were your parents up for the idea right away?

Well my dad got a job out here in California. I had been doing theater for about 2-3 years in Pennsylvania. I loved performing. But when I came out here everything really started to fall into place. And I’m really excited about that.

How’d you go about landing a role on Nick Cannon’s Comedy Sketch show? How is it working with Nick?

My first audition was for cartoon network. I sang and dance. I got a call back and then another call back. That time I performed in front of Nick and everyone. I played 3 characters that were improved with props. It was an honor to perform in front of Nick, a true comedic talent. It was such a rush. Then I got a call about 2 weeks later! It was super exciting. On the set we have so much fun. Nick is a really great mentor. He’s been in our shoes. He knows what we go through and helps us stay grounded. He reminds us that this a job and to keep that in mind. And to always stay hum- bled and have respect. But you can have fun doing pranks and sketches. It’s a blast!

What are some of the behind the scenes funny moments when you’re on set?

We have ton of funny moments. I love pranking people. First week, I hid outside the bathroom door when people went to bathroom. I had this crazy monster look and scared people! We also have a ping-pong table on set that we have fun playing.

Tell us about your upcoming EP? What can your fans expect from it?

I have an amazing team. Eddie Galan who is helping with the album is amazing! They can expect hot music with a country tang and a soulful emotional feel. My song “Some kind of fairytale” really describes myself. I really put my heart in what I want to do.


Favorite moment so far in 2013!

Watching my music video. Just seeing how far I’ve come. My whole life is coming true! My video represents my life. Seeing it all play out is really exciting!

IPhone or Android?

IPhone! I love my iPhone although I break the screen a lot! Dropped my 5 and it shattered!

Favorite Song you’ve made?

I’ll be there and Some kind of fairytale.

What Advice do you have for other artists and entertainers today?

Give your whole heart and really believe. Have faith. If you don’t think you can, how can you convince others and succeed in the industry? There’s some part of you that says no I’m not good enough it probably take years and years. But your dreams can come true in one or 2 years! Really believe and work really hard. So much work to do, you must love it! Go for it with your whole heart!



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