This up and coming band is one to look for! They can sing, dance and RAP! Yes RAP! They are a triple threat and are on their way to a long lasting career. Check out there interview below!


In one word who is SJ3?


How did this band come together? And what does SJ3 mean?

We’ve always been friends that shared a common interest in music, and one day decided to create a group. SJ3 stands for South Jersey 3. We all are from the South Jersey area and there are 3 elements to our music, which is R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop.

Fan names are popular among artists today! Do you have a name for your fans?

Our Team is #TeamSJ3! They are the people that follow us and enjoy our music! Our Ride Or Die fans are called our #SJ3Sweethearts! Those are the fans that tweet us everyday, promote us, and do what ever they can to help us out!

What’s the best part about striving after a career in music? And what are some challenges you’ve faced.
The best part about striving after a career in music is actually making your dream into reality. To be able to say “I made it be- cause of the hard work I put into my dream” is an amazing accomplishment in itself.

A challenge that we all face is getting back to all of our fans when they tweet us. With our busy work schedule and the amount of tweets we get a day its difficult to make each fans happy, but we try our very best to.

Are you working Album for 2013?

We are releasing an EP entitled “We Are SJ3” Which is a project that we worked on independently without the help of a label or production team. This EP will share the music we love to make written, produced, and engineered by us.

Who’s The Prankster of the group?


Who spends the most time on Facebook or Twitter?


Who’s the biggest romantic?


A lot of people don’t see the work that goes in being in a band or being an artist. Can you briefly share what a normal day looks like for SJ3?

After school, we all meet up to work on anything that needs to be done. Whether we are working on a set for a show, creating and writing new music or just thinking of new ways to promote ourselves, our day isn’t done until our objectives are fulfilled.

What advice do you have for others wanting to from a band today?

If you are doing something that you absolutely love, never give up on the dream, because you can do it. Stay consistent and make your voice heard by all means possible.

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