Sono Vero


Sono Vero is a talented young band from Southern California and the 2014 Artists In Music Awards Best Reggae Artist winner.

Sono Vero reached a major milestone in 2014 as their single “Never Say Goodbye” topped the world famous radio station KGUP 106.5FM in Los Angeles for 18 straight weeks as the most requested artist.

The Los Angeles based recording artist shared the Top 10 with other artists including Matt Cardle, Cher Llyod, Glitter Rose, The Neighbourhood, Pierce the Veil, Carleton Stone, Soren Bryce, Melanie Taylor, and Walla.

Sono Vero brings a fresh fun sound that blends Island Reggae with a Hip-Hop/Rap flair. From the beach to the city, Sono Vero is a product of their California surroundings. This Alternative/Reggae/Hip-Hop group has performed across the country and has shared the stage with some of the most reputable names in the scene. The successful release of their self-titled EP climbed to the top 10 iTunes reggae albums

Sono Vero recently finished recording their new “Roses for the Reckless EP” with legendary producer Lewis Richards released Valentine’s Day 2014 and is currently No. 7 on iTunes Reggae charts.
Check out their interview below!

Tell us about your band Sono Vero? And where the name originated from?

The name “Sono Vero” means Sound from Truth in Latin. Our music is true to our beliefs of not having to be limited to one genre. Music is universal and should not be limited in how its expressed. We believe that and take that approach in what we create and share.

What separates your band from other popular reggae bands out today?

Reggae is a soulful and inclusive genre we love. We believe our approach of taking the best from all genres we enjoy and combining it with a Cali feel sets us apart in the midst of a saturated industry.

Tell us about the chemistry of this band?

We are lucky to have a great group of guys in the band. All talented musicians that simply love to perform. We all discovered a love for music at a pretty young age. Charlie started playing piano at 5 and Nathan shortly after. Charlie and Dan started making music together at age 14. Sono Vero started while we were in High School. Dan, Charlie and Nathan all attended the same school. Some members elected to leave the band and we added Anthony Kochis, Steven Ingraham, Budda Foster, all amazing artists who have been playing since childhood. We are all still pretty young with only half of us over 21. We feel we are just beginning our musical journey and still growing as artists.

Loving your new EP Roses for the Reckless! Tell us about the meaning of the concept?

All the songs on the EP are written about one girl in which Charlie specifically had a connection with and it shows a little bit of the timeline of the relationship. It’s really a tribute to young love. And the extremity of it.

What are some of the challenges you had to overcome during the recording of this project?

Funding is always a challenge and we were fortunate to get the support from our fans in a Kickstarer project to establish that budget. But the biggest challenge is finding the time to do all that goes into making a band successful. Writing music, practice, shows and keeping in touch with our fans is more than we imagined. This really isn’t a huge challenge though, because when you love something it’s almost as if there is just more time in a day for it.

What was the hardest song to write on this EP?

The EP is about the journey of a relationship of young love. Every chapter of that story has its own unique value and as important to the next. I guess because it is about a true to life experience I can’t really say one song was harder than another to write.

Do you have a favorite track or most meaningful track on this project?

“End of forever” is a song about total dedication. “It takes a novel concept of commitment and exaggerates it as most young lovers tend to do. This song represents a youthful take on relationships” and one of our favorites.

What makes this project different from other releases you’ve put out?

Right of the bat when you listen to this EP you can tell that does not fit in to a cookie cutter genre but rather is a fusion of about three or four main styles in which we’ve grown to love being California natives. Reggae, Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop.

When it’s all said and done, how will the world remember Sono Vero?

We hope the world thinks of us as a band that shares a story in their music that is true and brings out feelings that are real and all can identify with. A band that personifies California but shows their love for music comes with a reggae influence but expands across other genres like alternative rock, R&B and hip-hop to best make the music and the story one you feel in your soul.

Stay connected with Sono Vero:
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Instagram: @sonoveromusic
Twitter: @sonoveromusic

Purchase on iTunes:

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