What made you get into music? 

There are many reasons why I got into music. First and foremost, I love music, been in love with it since I was a kid. I grew up in a very active gang neighborhood in west Fullerton of Orange County, CA. Majority of my friends are gang bangers and dope dealers. It’s either I follow their footsteps or I can make my own path. I had a wake up call when I lost two of my best friends to gun violence at the age of sixteen. During that same year I got arrested for a reckless act which put me behind bars and made me realize that this wasn’t the life for me. These are the reasons why I got into music.


Did you always have a team of supporters like family and friends when you decided you wanted to pursue it as a career?

Friends, yes but family, not really. When I say family, I mean my mom because it was just the two of us as I was growing up. She’s very old fashioned and very traditional, your typical Asian parent. All she wanted from me is for me to go to school, get good grades and become a doctor or a lawyer but that’s her dream not mine. She would always ask me, “When are you gonna make it?” And “What if you don’t make it?” So there were definitely doubts. I understand her concern as a mother but I can’t resist the love and passion I have for music.


Who were some artists that you grew up listening to and who are artists you listen to now? 

Well, since I grew up on the west coast and in a gang environment, I listened to a lot of gangster rap such as Tupac, Snoop, Dr.Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube and the list goes on. But I also listened to rappers from the east coast such as Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang and Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony just to name a few. As of right now I’m listening to The Game, Nipsey Hussle, YG, Ty Dolla $ign and all the records produced by DJ Mustard. This is just a short list of mine, there are many other artists that I listen to from different genres and different languages as well.


How would you describe your sound? 

I have my own sound, I sound like myself, I don’t really know how to describe it really. I truly believe we all have our own sound, but there are cases where an artist will sound similar and have a similar style of rapping to an already established rapper.


What is your favorite song you’ve made so far? Why? 

This is a really tough question to tackle because I enjoy working on all of them. But if I have to chose one then it will definitely have to be “Cry No More” because it sums up my life in just four minutes. It’s based on a true story, my story of course and I think a lot of people will be able to relate. And definitely do check out the video on Youtube, the visual and the production is just dope.


What are some of the low points you’ve experienced as an artist today?

Too many but I’ll just touch on a few things. First, there has been days where I feel like I’m almost there and then there would be days where I feel like I’m no where near where I need to be. Second, I’ve met a lot of fake people. People who want to associate themselves with me for their own beneficial purpose which has made it hard for me to trust anyone. Lastly, when I was making a lot of noise, the fans came, the sponsorships came, etc. and now that I’ve slowed down, they are no where to be found. It’s unfortunate but that’s just how the game goes, hate it or love it, do it or leave it, welcome to show biz.


Have you been working on any new material for the new year?

I’ve been very busy promoting myself doing interviews and doing shows around town but as far as making new materials, not at the moment. I’ve been really busy with my personal life especially with a newborn. But I’m still planning to drop my second album sometime this year, earliest is summer and latest is on my birthday in November. Just so everybody knows, I’m about ten songs in, I just need a few more and you can expect a big come back from me. Honestly I have enough materials to consider an album but I just want to give the people their money’s worth and I like to take my time on things. But I am planning to shoot a few videos before the summer just to get the fans excited for the new album. And I’ve been asked to do a few collabs with different artists from different regions so you can definitely expect new music.


How do you want to grow as an artist?

I’m gonna challenge myself each and every time to out do what I have done in the past. Whether it’s from a visual or an audio perspective. I also want to have a solid team, a team that is loyal, a team that believes in my vision and is willing to go hard because if I eat, they eat. And most importantly, not only do I want my fans to stick around and to be supportive, but for my fan base to grow as well. I have a fight ahead of me and it’s not going to be easy but if I continue to believe, work hard, have faith and with God on my side, how can I lose?


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