Tyler Matl

This up and coming singer/songwriter is one to watch out for! It’s great to see the direction this artist is taking in his music and really developing as a songwriter. We are positive that he will be in this industry for a long time!


What’s the best advice you’ve gotten so far while being in the music

The best advice I have received while being in the music industry would definitely have to be stay true to who you are.

What does a typical day of Tyler Matl look like?

My day normally consists of doing anything from songwriting, practicing
& rehearsing for upcoming shows, responding to emails, replying to fans, updating my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social network you can think of, meeting with my management, photo shoots, video shoots, & more! I’m always really busy & on the go but, I also
have a lot of fun and stay entertained while doing so.

Who is your biggest supporter today?

My biggest supporter or supporters I should say are my Matlizers. I have
the best fans in the world who find a way to always keep me smiling & driven. They make videos for me, send me fan mail, tweets,
etc. My favorite is actually meeting them in person. They are
always so sweet &

How does it feel when you’re performing and people are taking
pictures and filming? Does it ever distract you?

I’ve embraced it quickly & sometimes I won’t even notice that someone is recording me until the next day & the video pops up on YouTube or
gets tweeted to me. I love meeting fans & taking pictures with them
feels just like taking pictures with best friends.

We saw you performed, “Come Home To Me” with Ernie Halter someone that we
interviewed a few months back! How was it like performing with him?

A+ mazing! Haha!! I had so much fun performing “Come Home To Me”
with Ernie. It’s actually my favorite song of his. We’re both good friends and, in fact we are even planning on writing together. I am really excited to see what we come up with!

Why music and not something else?

I choose to do music because it completes me. Without music I wouldn’t be
who I am today. I can inspire people & have a life changing effect on people the same way music has for me.

How does your upcoming EP differ from your last proj- ects you’ve put out?

It’s the second project I’m putting out. The first one was when I had just turned 16. I have had so much time to grow as an artist & figure out who I am & the direction I want my music to go in. It’s Pop music now. Very hooky & easy to remember but, still written from the heart.

What advice can you give to up and coming young artists today?

If you have a dream just go for it. Life is worth the risk & you’ll never know unless you take a chance.






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