Vintage Trouble

Vintage Trouble

July 2012

denmark street

How did you guys come up with the name Vintage Trouble? And how did the band form, were you all friends prior?

Vintage Trouble is an expression I used once while talking to a friend referring to my dad.  We put in a song “Blues Hand Me Down”.  And after that took it on as our band name.

We all knew each other from being musicians around LA.  Nalle and I left our previous band because it wasn’t allowing us to play as much as our hearts desired and needed.  Richard I met doing late night after hours music jams with a friend of ours in Laurel Canyon.  We connected instantly.  Rick I met because he played a session I was running and after that session I knew that I his bass playing would be perfect the new project Nalle and I were starting.  It all fell into place so easily.

You guys have such an awesome sound! Who are some of your influences and artists that you grew up listening to as a kid?

We are inspired by music and musicians and songs that straddle the fence between good old rock and roll and Rhythm and Blues.  Ike and Tina, Led Zep, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Wilson, Sam, Otis, Stones, Etta, Ruth Brown, Staxx, Motown, Chess Records.

How was it performing live at the Jimmy Kimmel show?

The folks at Jimmy Kimmel were more than kind to us.  Late night television is huge in the states and we all been Kimmel fans for forever. He is such a cool laid back guy.  I love that he really connected with our tunes.  Sometimes those situations feel cold and formal but we made a huge bond in a little of time.  It’s always nice to have your friends and family get to see you on that level.  It gives them bragging rights.  I love making the people I love feel proud of me.

You never set on foot on stage without looking so stylish! Do you have a favorite outfit that you love to wear on stage or do you switch it up every time?

I switch it up all the time.  We as band like to honor and respect our audience by going out of our way to look good for them.  In the old days, that’s just the way it was.  Bands would walk into a venue with suit thrown over their shoulders and then get dress-up and sweat it out.  Come on.  Nothing better than the idea of coming dressy and leaving messy.  Makes you feel like you’ve really dug into something deep and hot.  My favorite thing to wear is cravats.  It kind of shakes up the traditional 50/60 fashion and throws a little turn of the century in the mix.  My favorite jacket is a yellow jacket trimmed in black that was my dad’s from the 60s.  I wore it on Jools Holland when we did that last year.

What do you guys usually do after you have finished performing for the night? Go eat? Stay up all late?

After almost every performance we got the merchandise booth directly from the stage to thank as many people as possible for coming to the gig and meet as many of the new TroubleMakers as possible.

Of all types of genre’s of music today such as pop, r&b, etc…what made you want to represent this soulful/funk type of style that you guys have?

we just want to be as real as possible. Rhythm and Blues from the 50/60s feels like the best suited style for who we are and what moves us.  But it is important to us that we play it with the energy and balls of today because that’s who we are.  We don’t want to pretend it’s the 50s.  We have accomplished too much since then.

Tell us about the ‘Bomb Shelter Sessions’ and how you feel about that album? Do you have a favorite song on the album? Or a song that personally touched you in a deep way that you can tell us about?

We recorded this debut record after we had only been together for 3 months.  It feel honest and thats all we wanted.  We did all full takes and no long process of deciding what was going to on the record.  We were recording demos and found a record in the process.  We don’t have a favorite song.  Different days different songs hot you where you need it.  That day that song is your favorite.

What is something that you’ve learned while on your musical journey that you will take with you forever?

 The audience is the most important part of the show.  Concentrate less on ourselves and more on the folks we are entertaining.
 Last Question for you Ty. Youth today can be easily discouraged especially when people tell them their dreams will never happen. What advice can you give the youth who are striving after their dreams when nobody believes in them?
“The race is not given to the swift nor to the strong but to the one that endureth until the end”

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