When did the band get together and how?

We got together about 2 years ago, and met because all of us were in LA looking to start a band but had no contacts or network. We had to take a series of random online meetups until we finally came together with the group we have now.

I really like your music a lot and your music video is so creative! How does the creative process take place for you guys?

Mostly one of us will come up with an idea whether it be a lyrical concept, beat, or melody. The band will jam it over and over again until we hash out all the parts. Or sometimes one of us comes with a completely finished song, it really differs every time.

Tell us about your new EP “Gangsters of Suburbia.” What is the concept behind this project?

The idea behind it is a slightly satirical/self analytic approach to our past. Things we went through, from relationships to growing up in suburbia to dreams of one day becoming a musician.

Could you give us a glimpse of the recording sessions and how long did it take to complete this EP?

The recording process was long because it was all of us producing, recording, and writing the material. We spent hours and hours listening to each part and track to ensure we were doing things right.

Did you work with any cool writers, or producers on this project?

Nope 100% WALLA.

Do you have a favorite song on there? What was the hardest song to make?

Each of us has their own favorite song, but the title song ‘Gangsters of Suburbia’ is one that we love to play live and it was very fun recording it. ‘Love and Celebrate’ was probably the hardest to record due to all the parts and pieces of that song.

Were there any difficulties or challenges when making this project?

Learning to be your own producer and manage a recording studio is still always challenging. We did produce our own EP in the past so it wasn’t too bad, but still there was many things to learn.

Ultimately, what do you want your audience to get from listening to this project?

That we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


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