Zoe Ann

Zoe Ann

July 2012


What made you want to get into music and when did you start?

My family bought an amazing antique baby grand piano for the family when was born actually, hoping I’d grow up to play it. I started learning to play the piano as soon as I was big enough to climb up on the bench and began writing songs when I was seven years old. When I was 3 I saw a girl singing on the stage at a festival in TX and told my mom, I wanted to sing on the stage. She found that remarkable since I was so shy! In second grade, I got into Musical Theater which solved my shyness and I immediately knew that performing was what I wanted to do. When I was really little I found my dad’s classic rock records from the 70’s and when they finally got me a record player, I fell in love with The Beatles and Led Zeppelin among other classic rock bands. I’ve continued writing and learning both piano and guitar. I released my first album at fourteen years old and have been working on this project for two and half years. I’ve been working very hard on my second album and I am so excited to release it.

Your song, “Girlfriend,” is that a true story for you?

I think it’s a true story for everyone really! It’s all about not wanting to be put in that “friend zone”. Everyone has been put there one time or another and hates it. I wrote this song with DJ Lethal of Limp Bizkit! It was a blast!

Do you have a favorite song that you love to perform on stage? And Why?

Not really a fav song so much, just love performing! My stage show is very high energy and it caters a lot to the crowd. Every show is a ton of fun. It’s really interesting though when we bring it down and just have me and the piano. It’s awesome, because as much as I LOVE rocking out, it’s a different perspective, and brings me back to where it all started. Me and my piano. It’s really cool to me. 🙂

What’s been your biggest challenge you’ve encountered so far while being an artist?

My biggest challenge so far has been finding a good backing band. It’s been so hard to find people who are super talented and very committed. I have an awesome drummer, but other than that we’ve been super picky about who we are performing with. We want our shows to be as good as possible.

Are you working on any new projects or albums that we should know about?

I am currently in the studio recording for my second EP! I’m very excited because this music is very meaningful to me. It’s interesting to see how much I’ve grown from my first album. My music is totally like my diary and I do my best to make sure that my heart is in everything that I put out. This next EP is going to be great.

I’m also working with a artist from the UK called Katsuo via Skype. We have sent music and vocal tracks back and forth writing a song together. Katsuo is awesome! He’s very electronic, so it’s really cool to see how we work together. It’s going to be something totally different, and totally rad!

 What advice can you give to youth who are thinking about pursuing their dreams while still being in school?

I’m actually homeschooled. I was in school until 8th grade, when my mom realized how much of a passion I had for music and how hard I was working. So since it’s hard to focus on both, she homeschooled me. I’ve actually learned more through homeschooling because I can focus better. But if homeschooling is not an option, a lot of great artists have finished school before their career. Just work as hard as you can while in school, and then once you have your education, go out and use everything you’ve learned and just go full force into doing what you love! If music is your sport, play it, and play it hard!

 Fun Facts About Zoe Ann

  1. 1.  Favorite Ice Cream?

I’m actually allergic to dairy! It’s so sad haha. But that’s okay! Because I love “Coconut Dream” ice cream. It’s coconut milk, and chocolate! It’s incredible.

  1. 2.  Favorite TV Show?

Growing up my favorite TV shows were Tom and Jerry, and Wylie Coyote. I still love them so much to this day. And I watch Sunday morning cartoons every chance I get.

And I’m currently watching Rob Dyrdeck’s Fantasy Factory. I wish I could build my own fantasy factory!


3. Name of your very first guitar?

I actually didn’t have a name for my first guitar. I wish I had a cooler answer but I don’t haha. I haven’t named any of my instruments, but now that you mention it I’m gonna start!! I’ll keep you updated. 😉


What’s one thing you’ve learned so far while pursuing a career in music that you will take with you forever?

That in this life wasting your time doing things your heart isn’t in, is no good. When your given this time, use it to do what you love, and do it the best you can. I’m blessed to have such supportive parents and management. I can’t wait to see where my career takes me with the help of my listeners.


Thank YOU so much for the interview!! Please tell your readers to go to my sites and say hi!! I always try to get back to people. ( :



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