When did you first get into hip hop music?

-I got into music around 98.

Who were some of your influences you grew up listening too?

I would have to say Dj fury of Bass Patrol,Beats by the Pound Jermaine Dupri, Dr.Dre,Magic Mike,mainly all of the dirty south music and music from the 90s.

Many times people go through phases and style changes? Tell us about your sound? Has it changed over the years?

My style of music is a lot of bass.If it ain’t bass it ain’t me. I don’t think my style of music will never change,honestly i think a lot of cats take a big risk on trying to change up to something different then what the fans of that artists are use to hearing and most of the time fell.

How do you challenge yourself as an artist?

To make the next track better then the next one or make the next album better then the previous one.

How did you get your stage name ABM?

The name ABM actually stands for Amateur Beat Maker because i am always learning something new.

Tell us about recording your album “Hitti’n?” How do you feel about the finished product?

Hittin’ is for the bass heads out there with the booming systems.I want to bring back that miami bass sound.This is the reason for me to make this album. I’m some what ok with the album.it could have been better.i really didn’t take the time like i should have on this one.The next one that I’m working on will be a lot better!!

Do you have a favorite song on the album?

My fav.track would have to be “kick a lil sumthin”and “gotta have bass”.

When it’s all said and done, how do you want your career to end?

Hopefully with a legacy status.

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