1. What Made You Get Into Music? – I have many reasons for why I make music. The main influence for my creation of music was seeing my father make music as a small boy growing up. This helped me develop a passion for music at a very early age. The struggle and poverty that I have witnessed in life is also a very big reason for why I make music. I found something positive to do with my life unlike many individuals where I come from.

2. Did you always have a team of supporters like family and friends when you decided you wanted to pursue it as a career? –  I actually have just recently started to receive support from family an friends. Most of my support in the beginning oddly came from random people that I would show my music to. A few close friends always supported my every move thankfully but, only a few of them. I began to develop a fan base on my own and started to make bigger moves and that’s when the ones close to me started to support. Even through everything I’ve done so far I still get a lot of doubt from people, mainly family members. I’m basically in it alone making a dream happen by myself.

3. Who were some artists that you grew up listening to and who are artists you listen to now? – I grew up to so many different artist it is hard to keep them all in mind. My mother and father listened to a lot of Tupac as I was growing up. I know like every single Tupac song. I’m 21 years old and I wa born in 1992. I grew up in an era where Cash Money was the biggest thing in my child hood. I used to listen to the Big Tymers an the Hot Boys all of the time. I also grew up listening to alotbof Phil Collins music. As a started to get to my teenage years I listened to a lot of 50 Cent and G-Unit music, they had the game on lock. There are so many artists that I come up on I could write a book just to answer this one question. Nowadays I listen to a lot of J.Cole, he is currently my favorite artist. I listen to Drake, he is very influential. I listen to anyone that is pretty much true to their craft and real with what they say. I listen to my own music a lot. I don’t know if it’s strange or not but, I love my music more than any music in could eve listen to, it’s just my opinion though.

4. How would you describe your sound? – I wouldn’t really know how to explain my sound perfectly because I am such a versatile artist but, I would say that my music is very smooth and mellow, I make music that makes people feel good in their soul, I make music with very good vibes, my sound is very intelligent an positive as well. I would just say that I make good music and you would have to listen to get exactly what I am talking about. I like to let the music speak for itself.

5. What is your favorite song you’ve made so far? Why? – My favorite song I’ve mine would have to be a song called, Memory Lane. This song was on my debut project RedBull And Weed. This is my favorite song of mine because I feel like it is one of the realest songs that I be ever recorded. It means a lot to me personally and also has a lot I meaning to others close to me. I feel like almost anyone in the world or at least in the US could relate to this song no matter what race you are, what gender, or even what genre music you listen to. It’s a heart felt song.

6. What are some of the low points you’ve experienced as an artist today? – I’ve experienced many low points as an artist today. Finances have always been a big issue as an independent artist but, I have a very strong mind set and I refuse to let myself fall. Whenever I am at a low point in any type of way I just think positive and instantly my low points turn into high points.

7. Have you been working on any material for the new year? – I have been working on plenty. This year just may be my biggest so far in my career with everything that I have lined up. The biggest moves are silent so all I can say is just stay tuned. I have many things ahead to come.

8. How do you want to grow as an artist? – I want to grow many ways as an artist. I want to grow as a person in general. I’d like to get to a mainstream level with my music and then I want to use my influence and my connections to do other things. I plan on being in movies, coming out with my own products, giving back to the community, and doing many other countless things that will make me the ultimate artist. I know that one man may not be able to change the world but, I will surely be able to say that I tried my hardest.


Twitter: (@TurnaOneTake) – www.twitter.com/turnaonetake
Instagram: (@TurnaOneTake) – www.instagram.com/TurnaOneTake

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